Benjamin Walther

Matthew Altenritter

Postdoctoral Fellow

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Matthew Seeley

MS Candidate

Lab Alumni

    Dr. Skye Woodcock        Postdoctoral Fellow 2012-2013

Graduate students
    Dr. John Mohan              PhD Student, Graduated 2015
    Megan Nims                    MS Student, Graduated 2012

Undergraduate Students
    Kyle Logan (REU Fellow, 2015)
    Joe Ripley (UT Undergrad, 2014)
    Victoria Leon (UT Undergrad, 2014)
    Brade Hendrickson (UT Undergrad, 2013)
    Branden Kohler (REU Fellow, 2013)
    Casey Grieshaber (REU Fellow, 2012)
    Ben Staton (REU Fellow, 2012)
    Christina Teng (REU Fellow, 2011)
    Keya Jackson (REU Fellow, 2011)
    Jillian Rowley (REU Fellow, 2010)

    Avier Montalvo (Lab Technician, 2010)

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