Hiking Trails

There are plenty of trails around Wallingford that are great for hiking and spending time outdoors locally. The Wallingford Land Trust maintains over 200 acres of land as open space, preserving the natural habitat while making the land available for recreational use.

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Orchard and Spruce Glen

Barnes Industrial Rd. North (Park in lot at end of street and look for large sign at trail entrance).

Trail Map

A well-marked trail through the wooded region in northern Wallingford.

Hike the short loop or continue on to the secluded waterfall at the back of the property.

Quinnipiac Linear Trail

Hall Ave. / River Rd. (At Lakeside Park)

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A 1.25 mile paved trail surrounded by woods that is perfect for walking, running, or biking.

Tyler Mill Preserve

East Center St. (Park at Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Park. At the end of the parking lot, look for a large sign and a wide trail. Follow the path around the perimeter of the field to enter the Tyler Mill Preserve trail system).

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A series of trails spans a large wooded area in southern Wallingford.

Short trails are great for a quick walk, while longer trails provide more of a challenge for serious hikers.

Fresh Meadows

Jeremy Woods Dr. at Cul-de-sac

(Park on street and look for rock wall near signs between two houses)

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A well-marked, mostly flat trail through a swampy area in western Wallingford.

Butterfly Meadow

Cheshire Rd. near 3-way intersection with School House Rd.

(Look for gravel road leading to a parking area)

Short walk to meadow observation points.

Trail continues into a tough hike, some portions only partially blazed. Great area for bird watching.

West Dayton Hill

Fox Run Dr. (Park on Fox Run Dr. near West Dayton Hill Rd.

Look for a dirt path near the stop sign which will lead to the trail.)

Trail Map

A well-marked trail runs through a wooded area behind some houses in south Wallingford.

Good for a short to medium length hike.

Three Meadows

Bridle Ln. (Park on the street and look for the sign on the side of the road).

Trail Map

A quarter mile trail through the meadows offers a peaceful walk where you are sure to see plenty of birds and butterflies. Recommended in spring and early summer before the trail is overgrown.

Farnam Field

Williams Rd. (Look for small paved area on side of road next to faded white sign).

Trail Map

A short trail through the woods leads to a series of large open fields.

A serene area with beautiful views.

Shookie's Pond

Pond Hill Rd. (Park at Pond Hill School and walk to the railroad tracks. Look for the gate at the trail entrance).

Trail Map

A trail in a small wooded area near the railroad tracks.

Go in early spring before the trail is overgrown.

William D. Bertini Park

West Dayton Hill Rd. (Look for sign on side of road and follow path to parking lot).

Trail Map

A few trails with varying lengths in a secluded area that is ideal for hiking.

Marcus Cooke Memorial Park

Old Rock Hill Rd. (Park in lot and look for sign with trail map).

Trail Map

Located adjacent to a playground, this area offers numerous trails of varying lengths and difficulties.

Harrison Park

Cedar Ln. (Park in lot and look for trail entrance at back of baseball field or corner of parking lot).

Trail Map

A short trail through the woods in central Wallingford.

Located next to a park and nice for a short walk through the woods.

Wharton Brook State Park

Route 5 on North Haven town line.

(Park near pond and follow path to the beach area. Trail entrance on left).

Trail Map

A one-mile loop trail that is relatively flat.

Hike through the woods and then enjoy the view over Allen Brook Pond.

Lufbery Memorial Park

Lufbery Park Rd. off of Cheshire Rd.

(Trail entrance behind baseball field. Look for sign with trail map. Frisbee golf to left of baseball field.).

A few trails of different lengths span the area of woods around Lufbery Park.

Muddy River Trail

Maltby Ln. from the south.

(Look for small parking area on the right. Trail entrance leads to a steep drop down to the river).

An entrance to the southern section of the Tyler Mill area in southern Wallingford.