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 A few words from Julie

Old instruments need special care. You may have an old melodeon, button accordion or concertina which has been sitting there unplayed for some time. It is important to realise that repair of these instruments can be expensive, but if left alone they are likely to deteriorate even more. Feel free to email us with queries about this.

 We will try to get some pictures on this site so you can look at some of these instruments. (Many people are confused about the difference between concertinas and accordions for instance - look at the band photo where you will see Sandy playing a concertina and Jeff playing a button accordion).

If you have an old instrument that you'd like to sell, you  might find that it is not as valuable as you'd expected. Because instruments deteriorate, the cost of repairing them can sometimes be more than the going price for a similar instrument. However, these instruments can still have value. Jeff and I each have several melodeons stashed away which are not worth having repaired, but we can try to repair them ourselves when we eventually have a lot of spare time. Perhaps then they can be passed on to others. Repairers are sometimes interested in old, dilapidated instruments as a source of spare parts. Some parts are irreplaceable (for instance, the reeds in my English concertina are no longer manufactured).  

Whatever the case, if you have an old instrument, keep it clean and dry. Don't store it where it's likely to get hot either. Look after it as best you can ... whatever you do don't give it to the kids to play with or nail it to the wall! You can email us for details of repairers, or for advice about your instrument.