My name is John S. Wagner and my wife's name is Kathy.

We each have several hobbies. Kathy enjoys needlepoint, piano, cruets and cooking and John likes raising daylilies (member of the AHS and garden is state inspected & licensed), playing on the computer, selling stuff on internet auctions.

My folks got me interested in daylilies in 1997 when they invited me to a local Nursery that was holding a talk about daylilies and I started growing them myself in 1998. Right now we have 281registered cultivars, which two of them are my registrations . I started hybridizing in 2001 and have appr 300 seedlings. My favorite types are doubles and that's my main focus in hybridizing. I'm a member of the AHS, joined January 2003, and a member of the Tri-Cities Daylily Society.

We are state inspected and licensed. We have never had rust.

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