Q. What is the best way to get my waders to you?

A. I suggest you wrap your waders in a couple of bin bags or rubble bags and use the post office . Please leave the braces on but dont send wading belts or wader bags.  I will post them back to you, it really helps the courier if you include your mobile number, as if you are not in when they try to deliver them they will phone you and ask if they can leave them for you. It is not a bad idea to write your name and a contact number inside your waders in pen, as sometimes the letter or repair sheet is damp when i get it and difficult to read.


1Q. Can you do both neoprene and breathable waders?

A. yes, we do all types of waders. We also do jackets (unlined ones, dry suits and can refurbish and re charge life jackets. We have a partner company that does scuba wet suits and dry suits.


2Q. How do we pay?

A. You can pay by cash, cheque to Dave Gordon, pay pal to dave@davegordon.co.uk or bank transfer. Once i have the waders i will email you to say they have arrived, and then once tested will send full payment details. Do not pay the courier if you choose to use this service.


3Q. How long will it take?

A. It really depends on the waders. Simple seam leaks take just a few days, so perhaps 10 days from sending them to getting them back. More complex problems, perhaps seams leaks and a few pin holes will take about a couple of weeks. However if the waders have over 100 pin holes, sock and seam leaks, or mouse damage it could take a month to get them airtight. If you need the for a certain date please tell me, and I will do my very best. I have waders available for when your waders cannot make the deadline. Very cold weather slows glue curing time and wader drying times, and this slows our whole process down. I always ask for 2 weeks, but few waders should take that long.


4Q. What warranty do you offer?

A. I give a year’s warranty on all my repairs, however this obviously does not cover new leaks, we don’t make them bullet proof! If the waders were dry for the first couple of trips and then develop a leak then it is probably just another small pinhole. It is not a big deal and we will fix them for you. Just be honest with us and tell us it has started leaking again. The pressure test will show us if it is a new leak anyway. We have never had a seam we have sealed start to leak again, and the materials we use will not break or wear down.

If you have booked the trip of a lifetime i would suggest you test the waders before you leave, and have them seamsealed with plenty of time to go. I would also suggest that very old waders, or those that require considerable work will make excellent spares, they may be dry for years, but if they have considerable leaks, worn areas and have had lots of damage then perhaps they should be carried as spares and a more reliable pair is used for your trip. 

If they have leaked because they are of poor manufacturers quality, poor fit or abuse then we can only seal the problems that we discover on testing. If the reason they have leaked is still present then they will quickly leak again. We obviously cannot warranty this and take no responsibility for this, so if as an example the leaks were caused by studs coming through a boot, then they will re puncture them as soon as you put them on. We also do not guarantee repairs made by other people, though we will make these watertight we never know what glue or patches they have used. We will however do our best to seal them for you if you return them to us


5Q. Will you keep me updated with progress?

A. yes, I will do my best to. I plan to email or text you when they arrive, once they are tested, if they are taking a long time or have problems and when they are almost finished. Please include full contact details including email address and mobile number, but feel free to call me if you need any info. 


6Q. What will the repair look like?

A. From the outside you will see no change, as all repairs are on the inside. The first coats soak right in, you will almost not see these. Latter coats look like wet seams, perhaps 1-4 inches wide. Pin hole repairs look like a small wet patch, often with a small run at the bottom, this is unavoidable and in not visible from the outside. 

Larger and more complex repairs are thicker, as they require more coats. Delaminated areas have to be sealed over a larger area. all my repairs are done on the inside however so you should not notice anything in normal use. In most cases the waders will be unchanged externally. We often dust repairs with talc, this makes getting the newly glued waders on, and is a useful trick if you struggle with them, the difference this makes is incredible.


7Q. Can you repair zips?

A. I can replace zips, but getting the correct size is a problem. If a wader is leaking at the zip i can certainly make it better, but cannot always get them 100% air tight. many leaks are at the seam round the zip and this can be sealed, as can most of the problems associated with the zip body. I cannot however get damage to the sealing surface repaired every time.

8Q, Will the waders still be breathable?

A We do not touch the vast majority of the wader, so breathability is unchanged. The seams do not breath after treatment (or probably before!) and any pin holes will have to be sealed, and thus not breath. If they wader material is porous and we have to spray a large area then it will not be breathable, but it will be watertight. This is the case in about 1 in 1000 waders. Having spoken to anglers who have had this done they have not noticed a difference in use.


9Q. Can you guarantee deadlines?

A I cannot guarantee deadlines less than 2 weeks. It can take this long to completely seal some waders and when we are rushed we have to either push other anglers waders back, work longer on them or cut corners. This is not what we are about so it is not worth the hassle (particularly if you have had a trip booked for a year and only remember your waders leak a week before you go!) It is not fair on other anglers whose waders now take longer and it is not fair on us to have to work longer. We will always try to help anglers out, but it takes as long as it takes i am afraid! If you i need a rush job done, call dave on 07970041452 to discuss it, we will always do our best, but are realistic about the speed of repairs. We can carry out most repairs very quickly. What delays returning them is payments, postage and not being able to make contact with the owner


10Q What do you do to the outside of the waders, and do you tape seams?

A We do not tape seams as a matter of course, they are cosmetic externally in most cases - some manufacturers have totally untapped seams. In many cases we will actually remove tape if is is possible. We will stick it down if asked but in general as soon as we receive the waders they are turned inside out and all the work is done in there. It is less visible and works better in our experience


11Q What happens if it all goes wrong and my wader go missing on return posting or cannot be repaired.

A, We stock warranty replacement waders, of various brands, for replacing waders. We cannot always guarantee having them, or having every size. Waders lost in transit are insured, but as used waders and not new ones. We therefor cannot replace years old used waders for top of the range new ones (you would not believe it!). In the event of not sourcing a suitable warranty replacement we will offer a refund for the work and the price of a used pair of waders, based upon our warranty repair prices. We have not had a wader go missing in years, though some seem to take longer than expected they always turn up.

12Q i am struggling to get my waders on,what has happened.

The glue, when fresh really grips as you try to put them on and take them off, and the harder you push the tighter they will feel. Simply dust them with talc and it stops this totally, and permanently. I will give them a light dusting, but if you are struggling with them give them a dusting before forcing them and causing damage. It is worth trying them after alterations before going to the river bank. We had a problem with this years ago, changed the process and have not had an issue in years. 

13 Q what happens if i cannot collect the waders.

Basically let me know and we can store them for some time. if we receive no contact in 3 months the waders will be disposed of.

 phone  07970041452 - Monday - Friday, between  0900 to 1700 only please,  email  out with these times 

dave@wader-repair.co.uk         or    dave@davegordon.co.uk