It is all very simple, just post them to the address below, including a note with return address and email address. Ideally write your name inside them and turn them inside out. We prefer them sent in a small cardboard box. Please do not mummify them with tape, we really don’t want to have to cut into the bag with a knife as this risks damaging them. Send them waders with braces attached, but no bag or wader belt and empty the pockets of fly boxes and the like.

When they arrive I will test them, email a report including faults found, repair choices, time scale costs and payment methods. Worst case is a full seamseal, repairing all the pin holes, cuts and scrape leaks we find, and this is £45 plus postage of £10 UK postage and takes a week to two weeks to complete. A few pin holes or a small cut is far cheaper and we advise on these kinds of problems when we see the waders. We can accept basically any payment method and will send details of this with the report. We don’t charge if we cannot repair them, other than return costs, and will advise if we think they will be a problem, but very few are. Even if it’s a disaster we can offer warranty replacement / used or new  waders with huge discounts, and a seamseal, tests, guarantee and UK delivery is included.

  1. Package them well, dont mummify with tape
  2. Pnclude a note, with EMAIL ADDRESS, return address and mobile number (no note, i wont start them until i know what is required)
  3. Write name inside them, turn stocking foots inside out, not turn boot foots.

All uk post codes are fine, and are the same price, but oversea non Uk addresses are a problem at the moment, for all suppliers, so please contact me by email before posting waders to me. 






optional royal mail postal service, £10 for up to 8 waders in 1 box -

To buy waders from us email Dave at this address,

Firstly what kind of fishing are you planning, and do you have an idea of budget.

To find your size I need an accurate chest size, or largest body measurement in inches measured over a t shirt, inside leg from crotch to  ankle bone and normal shoe size. From that I can check what will fit you best and then I can advise. Not every wader make or model fits everybody shape and size and we find that this is one of the main causes of leaks. Please measure accurately, guessing and taking sizes off clothes simply will not work, you will get the wrong size of waders. They will leak for sure.

I have or can get waders from xxs to xxl full body, and have waders in standard, long, short and king size fittings, so will easily match your size.

Its easiest just to get this on eBay, i have deals on 1 - 20 bottles on there, search repel by diver dave, or follow this link for the 2 bottle deal
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 .Dave Gordon

113 Jesmond Road

Bridge of Don



email is by far the best way to chat to me, i cannot answer the phone when gluing!


07970041452 - monday - friday, 0900 to 1700 only please
Our Story, how it all started! 
  For the last few years I have been repairing anglers waders. For many years I was a diver, running my own business. A large part of the business was dry suit repair, as they are very expensive and only last about 5-10 years. However like most anglers I found myself replacing my waders every second season.

I decided to attempt to pressure test the wader’s using the same technique as I used for dry suits, and then to repair them to dive suit standards. I got a loan of all my friends waders, most of which had a leak or two and pressure tested them using compressed air. I found that they all leaked in the same places, and that the problem was always the manufacturing technique, they were simply not made to last, the seams, particularly in the crotch and feet being the common leak points. I then compared the seams of dive suits and waders and found that the taping was very poor, however this was an easy fix

We then started repairing wader in the business, however I decided to retire from diving a couple of years ago. I still did the odd repair for friends but now am getting waders from all over the country so have decided to start doing waders again, I have set up a workshop and am getting steady business.

What I do is pressure test them using compressed air, and do a bubble check on them. We have done considerable research on the various wader fabrics used and work to a set pressure on each, so to find all the leaks without damaging the wader material. The advantage of this is that we find weak points as well as leaks, so we repair problems before they occur. Leaks are marked and then the waders are washed and dried. We used to use a thick sealant, however it was too thick, it sat on top of the weave of the material and did not soak in properly. What we now do is thin the glue right down to a consistency of water, and paint this on. We generally use about 4 coats thinly painted on to breathables, and 6+ on neoprenes, as the weave is much thicker and more absorbent. In recent times we have further developed the technique, to use our sealant heated right up, so it is thinner to spray, but leaves a much stronger repair

All repairs are made in the inside, so your waders look ok when being worn. This actually makes sense, as this is where the tape is. We do a much wider seam than the manufacturers and it really lasts, it is stronger than the wader material. Once dry we re-pressure test, to ensure that they are 100% air tight, and re repair as necessary. Pin holes, tears and the like are repaired in the same way, and we can even reduce the size of neoprene socks and replace them if the sock is available. Dont worry if you have made repairs yourself, inside or out we will either remove them, work over them our round them. My own waders, had a complete seam re seal at the end of their first years, once the warranty ran out. They are now in their 4rth season and have no leaks. And dont worry about the waders breathability after our process, as we only treat seams and leaks the majority of the material is left untouched an so will breath just as much as it does before treatment!

I am happy to advise on wader repairs, or will quote for any repairs required on your waders. Prices range from £10 for a pressure test and puncture repairs to £45 for a breathable wader’s complete seam re seal and test plus postage and packaging. See price page for more details. I aim for same day puncture repair and a week or two for a complete re seam/re seal. Other jobs may take slightly longer.


07970041452 - monday - friday, 0900 to 1700 only please