2024              Wader Repair Process

It is all very simple, just post them to the address below, including a note with return address and email address. We have an easy to use download form. Ideally write your name inside the wader or jacket and turn stocking foot waders inside out, you can just leave boot foots as they are. We prefer them sent in a small plastic or paper style bag, as we struggle to get rid of lots of boxes. Please do not mummify them with tape, we really don’t want to have to cut into the bag with a knife as this risks damaging them. Send the waders with braces attached, but no bag or wader belt and empty the pockets of fly boxes and the like.  ideally use the a proforma download repair form. Its not vital, but helps us and shows the information we need to make the repair as quick as possible for you. If you cannot use it please provide the same information it asks for.


When they arrive I will test them, then send you an email  report including faults found, repair choices, time scale, costs and payment methods. Worst case is a full seamseal, repairing all the seam leaks, pin holes, cuts and scrape leaks we find, and this is £50 plus postage of £10 and takes two weeks on average, some a little bit longer to complete. Most folks go for this regardless if it's needed now or not, as they recognise how much it helps the waders life expectancy, but its up to you. A few pin holes or a small cut is far cheaper and we advise on these kinds of problems when we see the waders. We can accept basically any payment method and will send details of this with the report. We don’t charge if we cannot repair them, other than return costs, and will advise if we think they will be a problem, but very few are. Even if it’s a disaster , I generally have both new and warranty replacement waders, and they are generally very heavily discounted. I always check sizes, just to confirm the waders fit properly, and all our new waders have our unique 2 year warranty, with free end of first  season seamseal and test, we can discuss this if we go down this route.

For further instructions on how to send your waders to us click here

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The biggest problem we have is waders arriving with no enclosed note which means we cannot get in touch with the customer.  We regularly get waders with no note and as we don't know what you want done with them we don't do any work on them till we hear from you, obviously this causes delays. Please see the link below for details on how to send them to us..
It is appreciated this could cause delay but the time in resolving this issue is huge and simply prolongs the whole process. To assist  a printable repair proforma has been introduced  to use when sending us waders for repair.  A word of thanks, there has been a huge increase in the use of the proforma, it makes a huge difference.

We really want a note in with them and not all the details written inside the wader. Firstly this is rarely legible after a week in the postal system, and secondly, i really don't want to have to take every muddy wet wader in to the clean dry office, so this is why i want a note. 

Unfortunately we currently have a large number of unpaid waders following their completion. This is  causing us logistical problems therefore we have introduced, with immediate effect,  a storage charge of £10 per month if repairs remain unpaid for longer than three months following completion.
For instructions on how to send your waders to us click here

dave@wader-repair.co.uk         or    dave@davegordon.co.uk       

 phone  07970041452 - Monday - Friday, between  0900 to 1700 only please,  email  out with these times 


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