Lots of waders are arriving requiring servicing for the new season but many are are arriving unwashed which is required to keep your waders in good condition as per the instructions on the label, so please wash them before you send them to us!

However the biggest issue is waders arriving with no enclosed note. See the link below for details on how to send them to us..

Due to the disruption this causes in future
we will not begin any servicing, repairs etc if no written note is enclosed within the wader package. It is appreciated this could cause delay but the time in resolving this issue is huge and simply prolongs the whole process. Thanks!

For instructions on how to send your waders to us click here

Why not purchase our unique water repellent "Repel" here's a link to purchase the 4-bottle option from
Ebay For further details and options check out our Repel page

If you're using a smart phone or tablet a dropdown menu can be accessed by clicking on the three horizontal lines at the top left of this page

Remember we have a 2 years wader warranty on all new waders we sell, unique in the industry! Full details on our wader sales page.

We take the time to match you to waders that suit the use you plan to put your waders to, and then match you to a wader that fits you properly. If no waders will fit off the shelf, then we can alter them to make them fit you, and we do all of this at very reasonable prices. If we have a used wader that fits your needs then we are happy to deal with these as well.

We offer a unique water repellent, repel by Diver Dave, that enhances breathability of your waders and jackets, and makes water bead and run off. it works on all fabrics, including goretex.

And of course we repair all makes, models and brands of waders., everything from a single pin hole, a barbed wire rip, to hundreds of pin holes and all seams leaking, doing this using a unique process developed from the commercial and recreational diving industries. On how to send your waders to us click here.

P.S. A new "tips " page has been added, see link to the left which will be updated often so check back regularly!


dave@wader-repair.co.uk or dave@davegordon.co.uk anytime!

07970041452 - monday - friday, 0900 to 1700 only please

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