Our 2014 warranty replacement stock is now almost finished, though we may get small deliveries from time to time. We are now taking orders. We have mainly breathables in stocking foot, zipped and unzipped and most sizes in stock, email Dave for details and size chart.  PLEASE NOTE THESE SELL REALLY QUICKLY.

      We also sell New waders, that we have seam sealed, tested and guarantee for a year. We know the weak points of basically every UK wader, so strengthen these in the new waders we sell, have a look at our wader sales tab on the left for further details.

      Try our new collection service, we will collect your waders from you, service or repair them and deliver them back to you, from your home or workplace. No need for a trip the the post office. Please check our couriers tab on the left of screen to set this up. !
      It is always worth writing your name on initials inside your waders before you send them, they all look the same when inside out!

      Now servicing waders from: Eire, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, UAE, USA, Russia and all of Scandanavia!
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        For the last few years I have been repairing anglers waders. For many years I was a diver, running my own business. A large part of the business was dry suit repair, as they are very expensive and only last about 5-10 years. However like most anglers I found myself replacing my waders every second season.

      I decided to attempt to pressure test the wader’s using the same technique as I used for dry suits, and then to repair them to dive suit standards. I got a loan of all my friends waders, most of which had a leak or two and pressure tested them using compressed air. I found that they all leaked in the same places, and that the problem was always the manufacturing technique, they were simply not made to last, the seams, particularly in the crotch and feet being the common leak points. I then compared the seams of dive suits and waders and found that the taping was very poor, however this was an easy fix.

      We then started repairing wader in the business, however I decided to retire from diving a couple of years ago. I still did the odd repair for friends but now am getting waders from all over the country so have decided to start doing waders again, I have set up a workshop and am getting steady business.

      What I do is pressure test them using compressed air, and do a bubble check on them. We have done considerable research on the various wader fabrics used and work to a set pressure on each, so to find all the leaks without damaging the wader material. The advantage of this is that we find weak points as well as leaks, so we repair problems before they occur. Leaks are marked and then the waders are washed and dried. We used to use a thick sealant, however it was too thick, it sat on top of the weave of the material and did not soak in properly. What we now do is thin the glue right down to a consistency of water, and paint this on. We generally use about 4 coats thinly painted on to breathables, and 6+ on neoprenes, as the weave is much thicker and more absorbent. In recent times we have further developed the technique, to use our sealant heated right up, so it is thinner to spray, but leaves a much stronger repair.

       All repairs are made in the inside, so your waders look ok when being worn. This actually makes sense, as this is where the tape is. We do a much wider seam than the manufacturers and it really lasts, it is stronger than the wader material. Once dry we re-pressure test, to ensure that they are 100% air tight, and re repair as necessary. Pin holes, tears and the like are repaired in the same way, and we can even reduce the size of neoprene socks and replace them if the sock is available. Dont worry if you have made repairs yourself, inside or out we will either remove them, work over them our round them. My own waders, had a complete seam re seal at the end of their first years, once the warranty ran out. They are now in their 4rth season and have no leaks. And dont worry about the waders breathability after our process, as we only treat seams and leaks the majority of the material is left untouched an so will breath just as much as it does before treatment!

      I am happy to advise on wader repairs, or will quote for any repairs required on your waders. Prices range from £10 for a pressure test and puncture repairs to £45 for a breathable wader’s complete seam re seal and test plus postage and packaging. See price page for more details. I aim for same day puncture repair and a week or two for a complete re seam/re seal. Other jobs may take slightly longer.



      ..."After my Simms had  the Diverdave  treatment, it is a pleasure to report that not a drop of water had got through. Dry to the last!"



      Paul Young.

      "Less than two weeks ago, I handed DiverDave my leaking Hardy's EWS breathables and also a pair of leaking Simms breathables which I had relegated to the back of my fishing shelves several seasons ago.
      Dave not only repaired both to immaculate standard within three days, but then (a one-off offer!) met me half way to get them back to me in time for a fishing trip the next day. Okay, the distance was only approx 10 miles ie midway between the north side of Aberdeen and Stonehaven to the south, but that's the kind of person he is. It's the first time my feet and legs have been bone dry after a hard day's fishing, for several seasons!
      I can't recommend the man highly enough.....he really knows his business when it comes to any kind of wader repair. At the risk of repeating other posts, his superb service can be found at "
      I just got my waders back from Dave. He sorted 5 leaks in them! I thought they were for the bin. Used them yesterday and dry as a bone! Absolutely delighted! Saved me at least £100 and should get a few more years out of em yet.

      Top bloke. Highly recommended!!

      Paul "
      That is a sore one! Mice have been attacking a lot of waders this year, and thankfully this is an easy fix - believe it or not. This foot can be repaired, but it is a lot of work and will always be visible, so we simply cut it off under the gravel guard and replace it. The join is taped on the outside, but this is hidden in use by the guard. On the inside we seamseal the join, and whilst we are at it do all the feet seams. A high pressure test confirms that the join and seams are all airtight and that they are ready to go home!
      My sincere thanks to Diver Dave for yet again extending the life of my chest waders.
      I am fairly sure I bought the waders for the 2006 season so they are about to go into their seventh season!
      I had few problems for the first season and was able to repair the odd leak and small tears for the second and third seasons, albeit clumsily.
      Leaks and tears got a bid out of hand thereafter but by then I discovered Diver Dave, thanks to the Forum.
      Seams were sealed and neoprene boots repaired and all was well for a couple of seasons. Then I damaged the neoprene socks (stupidly) and back the waders went to Dave for the third time for new socks and a general overhaul.
      The waders arrived today with new smaller socks (such a relief to have socks that will allow me to wear properly fitting boots) and I also took the opportunity to have a extra two centimetres put into the leg length (clever how he did that!)
      By now I have to admit the waders are looking a bid the worse for wear but I reckon I will get another couple of season out of them before vanity prevails!
      (I have no connection to Diver Dave but my waders and I love the guy - but I wonder if he is sick at the thought of another email from me!)