Post Launch

Weather Balloon Repeater has been Found!

Weather Balloon On board images video

The weather balloon landed in SurgarCreek Ohio. The GPS module worked perfectly tracking the balloon.


Weather Balloon Cross-Band Repeater Launch Field Day June 25th at 3:30pm

Uplink 446.100 (Repeater receive)Downlink 147.560 (Repeater transmit)

No pl tone


The Foxhunt Weather Balloon has been found!!!

Data: 14.23 Miles high

Coldest temperature recorded -34*F

Found on Ballash Rd. by Chippewa lake

W8UPD Weather Balloon Launch 4/16/2016

You will hear a background buzzing in hz on the mores code beacon signal. Use a decoder that will pick up that

frequency, then use this table to see how high the capsule is.