3Y0J Team Member Adrian Ciuperca KO8SCA was our guest speaker!

W5FOC Weekend  April 27-30  2023


Welcome to Santa Fe, NM from your HostsBetsy & John K1JD,  Carole & Jim W8ZR,  Debbie & Fred KT5X  and  Julie & Mike AD5A

Latest Website update:   May 2nd, 2023   |   35  attended

The Raffle Grand Prize (K3/P3) winner was Lee K5LY


Hotel Reservations

As most of you know, we were unable to book La Fonda for this year's weekend so we decided to try an experiment, something different. You can make reservations for the weekend wherever you like!  The upside is that you have more control over the cost of the weekend; the downside is that we will not have a central  "hospitality Suite". Our mitigation strategy includes: 

Here are a few hotel suggestions, but there are many hotels/motels in and around Santa Fe. The hotels listed are not too far from one another.  Please feel free to explore on your own and ask for assistance if needed.  [The web links may bring up a "redirect" page, just accept the redirect by clicking on the link.] 

https://www.lafondasantafe.com  Those who have stayed here before know that this is a Historical Landmark right on the Plaza with excellent accommodations, food and even shopping. 

https://www.druryhotels.com/locations/santa-fe-nm/drury-plaza-hotel-in-santa-fe. The Drury hotel isn't too far from the Plaza and rates are typically less than La Fonda. There is a bar for drinks and light fare but plenty of restaurants nearby.

https://www.vanessiesantafe.com/contact-us.html This hotel has a nice restaurant with an attached piano bar, cozy and enjoyable. Not far from the Plaza, easy walking distance.

http://hotelsantafe.com/amaya Upscale, easy walking distance to Plaza. This is the only hotel in city owned and operated by native American tribe. It has moderate-to-upscale prices, an excellent restaurant.

http://hotelstfrancis.com One of our favorites, moderately priced, ten minute walk to the Plaza, convenient municipal parking lot, lively bar.

Boutique Hotels: The sky is the limit, but there may be discounts since our event is out of season. Rosewood Inn of the Anazasi (https://www.rosewoodhotels.com/en/inn-of-the-anasazi-santa-fe), Loretto Inn and Spa (https://www.hotelloretto.com), and La Posada (https://www.laposadadesantafe.com) fit into this category. They are not too far from the Plaza.

2023 W5FOC Weekend Events 


Adrian Ciuperca KO8SCA,  part of the 3Y0J team,  will be our guest speaker!

Banquet Menu and pricing

As with our last event in 2018, your registration fee (below) is dependent on meal choice. All amounts quoted include tax and 20% gratuity.  Steak and salmon cooking preferences will be accommodated by the restaurant. If you have specific diet requirements, please let me know as the restaurant may be able to accommodate it. 

$30.00 Choice of House Salad or Cream of Chile Chicken Soup-Petit Sirloin-Grilled Shrimp Dinner-1/2 Roast ChickenChoice of Baked Potato, French Fries or Sautéed spinach
$40.00 Choice of House Salad or Cream of Chile Chicken Soup-New York Striploin-Grilled Atlantic Salmon -French Cut Bone-in Pork ChopChoice of Baked Potato, French Fries or Sautéed spinach
$50.00 Choice of House Salad or Cream of Chile Chicken Soup-Petit Filet-Rib Eye Steak -Shrimp and Scallop CombinationChoice of Baked Potato, French Fries or Sautéed spinach
Alcoholic beverages, appetizers are extra and will include gratuity and tax. Appetizer pricing upon request.Your hosts will provide a dessert selection.

Event Registration

The registration amounts have been established. Couples may split their choices as desired.

  $50 banquet meal, $100/per person

$40 banquet meal, $90/per person

$30 banquet meal, $80/per person

There are several payment methods but in either case, please make sure your Name, Callsign, dinner selection, and estimated arrival time/date are included.   Do not hesitate to call or email with any questions. Our home number is (505)-395-7499 and my cell (preferred) is (505)-469-4697. Email addresses are JohnK1JD@comcast.net or K1JDJohn@gmail.com  

We will confirm your payment and selection, and provide selection tickets to display to our servers at the banquet.

Other things to do 

Thursday/Friday/Saturday during free time.  Most folks are content to explore Santa Fe in the Plaza area, museums, art galleries, etc. As an aside, we've rarely seen XYL's so happy at a Ham radio event. The shopping is fantastic.  https://www.santafe.org offers many ideas .

If you have a technical turn of mind, the Bradbury Science Museum in Los Alamos is amazing: https://www.lanl.gov/museum/

If you'd like to participate in a hike or specifically a SOTA hike, please let us know in advance.  At least 3 of us could guide folks on different hikes simultaneously (for summit-to-summit QSOs) or at different times over the weekend. Weather will be an enabling or limiting factor! We can also take folks on less intensive walks, or SOTA activations such as Sandia Crest which is a drive up to a little under 11K ASL.

Attendee Status 

This event has been posted on the FOC reflector, an excerpt has been forwarded to Bob WB2YQH & Ed KR3E for the February FOC news sheet and for publication on the FOC Website respectively, and posted on the Facebook FOC Group site.


$200 PETIT FILETx2 AD5A mike.crownover@gmail.com, local Host

$200 PETIT FILETx2 AK5X ak5x@me.com, Hotel is La Fonda, arriving Thursday


    PETIT FILET   K1DW   k1dw@aol.com   Hotel is Hampton Inn, arriving Thursday

$200 PETIT FILETx2 K1JD johnk1jd@comcast.net, local Host

$100 PETIT FILET K1ZZ (1) dsumner@arrl.org, Hotel TBD, arriving Thursday

$170 SHRIMP/SALMON K5LY K5LY@arrl.net Hotel Santa Fe, arriving Thursday

$200 RIBEYE/PETIT FILLET K5NA/K5DU We are mourning for Susan and Richard

$90 GRILLED SALMON K9FN (1) dpbunte@gmail.com, Hotel Inn Santa Fe, arriving Thursday

$170 NYSTRIP/PETIT SIRLOIN KT5X just.one.hill@gmail.com, local Host

$80       PETIT SIRLOIN K7UOT (1) k7uot1962@gmail.com staying with KT5X, arriving Thursday

$180    STRIPLOIN/SALMON KW7Q rutledgesteven71@gmail.com, Drury Plaza Hotel, arriving Friday

$N/A RIBEYE/STRIPLOIN KO8SCA ciup@yahoo.com  La Posada Hotel, Adrian will be our Guest Speaker

$170 SHRIMP/SALMON N5AW n5aw@arrl.net  Hotel Chimayo at Santa Fe, arriving Thursday

$180 CHICKEN/RIBEYE N5KD n5kd@att.net St Francis Hotel, Arriving Thursday

$190 SALMON/RIBEYE NM5M eric@semaphoremobile.com    Old Santa Fe Inn, Thursday

$200 PETIT FILET x2 W0CCA ccapallen@gmail.com, Camping in R/V, arriving Thursday

$200   RIBEYE/PETIT FILET W0CP walt@w0cp.com  Inn of the Governors, arriving Thursday

$200    PETIT FILE x2 W2IY w2iy@verizon.net. Mike & Andrea are Guests of FOC Santa Fe (local)

$180 PORK CHOP/SALMON  W8ZR   4cx250b@miamioh.edu, local Host


  RIBEYE   W7RF w7rf@radiodan.com arriving Thursday, Hotel Inn Santa Fe