A site container registration to build stable interdomain web links by using ContainerID + ResourceID for solving #linkrot. The directory domain w3-uid.net stores only the URL of the site container which will be concatenated with the local relative resource path on request. Beside solving link rot it provides world wide random access of data points without maintaining URLs manually.

As an example, if en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link_rot is linked by w3-uid.net/en-wiki-id/link-rot-id

then the wiki link rot address is stable because the wiki site directory entry inside w3-uid.net

en-wiki-idhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ can be adjusted on domain or site path change.

is a stable link, assuming Link_rot is an ID inside wikipedia en.

But a more searchable ID would be: w3-1460634152803-uid-wiki-en-link-rot or w3-1460634152803-uid-wiki-link-rot
if it is the same ID in the container of other languages.