Arts & Craft Show

Domestic Arts & Craft

Volunteers WELCOME!!

If you would like to help curate (fancy for "help us keep an eye on the wonderful exhibits") please email me.

For more information contact:

Kelley Clements


Entries will be accepted at the Free State Building:

All entries may be accepted:

Monday, April 1 9am – 12pm

Tuesday, April 2 5pm-8pm

Wednesday, April 3 8am-11am

Exhibits will be open:

Thursday, April 4 5pm-7pm

Friday, April 5 4pm-7pm

Saturday, April 6 10pm-7pm

Exhibits must be removed:

Saturday, April 6 5pm-7pm

Monday, April 8 8am-12pm OR 5pm-7pm

Items not picked up will be returned to the Grand Saline Agriculture Department. Any items not picked up by April 15, 2019, may be discarded or disposed of by the Department Chairperson. The Van Zandt County Fair Association or Grand Saline FFA is not responsible for any articles left after this date.