* the UNT team

Over the fun, the basic goal of the united nACCions team (UNT) is to favor the TEAM RACING in the vsk community.

To be member, you must join a UNT server as a spectator and simply chat your plan. In becoming member, you will have the opportunity to participate to the international competitions where UNT appears, you maybe learn tricks and understand the ISAF rules, you will have new friends.

Our avatar can be downloaded from the "UNT skins" page.


jiel (Jean-Luc), Amiens, France

alb (John) GBR,

aimo [+](Rick), Kiel, Deutchland, Repose en Paix l'Ami, Rest in Peace our Friend !

colibri (Marco) ITA,

robri44 (Richard), St Etienne de Montluc, France,

alex (Paolo), Roma, Italia

an_heol (GĂ©rard), Reims, France

latin dane (Kike) DEN,

TiGER (Jan), Berlin, Germany,

goldenmania (Davide), Turin, Italia,

paradons (Phillip), San Diego California USA

La Buse (Yann), Ville, France

NY-69 (Mike)