Joining the Club

Membership of the Victoria Police Cycling Club Incorporated (VPCC) is gained by:

the "VPCC membership coordinator" at the following locations:



MailC/o LSC Grant Smith, Heidelberg Prosecutions Unit,

9 Jika Street, Heidelberg.  3084.  DX 211913

Personal information form is available to download HERE

VPCC Annual Fees form is available to download HERE

Your completed application will then form part of the VPCC records.

Once accepted, members will receive a membership number via return email.  If you do not have a current years membership number you are not financial.  

Non-financial members will not be able to ride or participate in VPCC named events.

VPCC membership is COMPULSORY to participate in the VPCC Legacy Ride to the Wall event

For more information please contact Boris on 0400159651 or Tony 0412118830