Number of source documents per month (VAT payers), quarter (not VAT payers) - Monthly, quarterly rate:
 1-15 - 40.00 €, 16-30 – 50.00 €,  31-50 – 65.00 €, 51-75 - 80.00 €,  76-100 – 100 , 101-135 – 125 €, 136-170 - 150.00 €,                                                                                                       171-240 - 200.00 €, 241-320 – 250 €, 321-400 - 300.00 €,  401-500 – 350, 501 and above - price by arrangement.

OR in the case of non-active activities:

Number of source documents per quarter (VAT payers) - Quarterly rate:

 0 – 60.00 €, 1-15 – 100.00 €.

Source documents include the following: sales and purchase invoices, cheques, banks transfers, credit and debit slips, write-off reports, goods or fixed assets acceptance reports, contracts, documents confirming export or import, business trip reports.
To the operations connected with foreign economic activity (invoices), coefficient 1,5 is applied.
To the operations connected with cryptocurrency, coefficient 2 is applied.

The prices specified above are charged under the Contract for continued accounting services and include the following:
Financial and tax accounting are pursuant to the procedure laid down in the Accounting Act.
Preparation of business travel and salary advance reports as well as other consolidated documents.
Keeping of records of fixed assets, their depreciation, inventory and writing off.
Calculation of salaries (1 employee).
Calculation of the VAT, income tax and social tax.
Sending of other internal reports to the management of a business entity (balance report, documenting of purchases and sales, taxes payable).
Preparation of monthly statements (VAT declarations, salary declarations, etc) and their submission to the Tax and Customs Board.
Preparation of the annual report and its submission to the Commercial Register (if the contract for services lasts for at least 1 year).
Consultations in connection with the services provided (up to 1 hour per month).

Accounting services. All prices are given in EUR. Notes.
The first month of using the accounting service is free of charge
Preparation of the annual report - from 40.00
Drawing up of the bookkeeping rules - from 40.00
Consultations - 30.00/h
Work of the accountant at the client's location - 20.00/h
Registration as a VAT payer - from 40.00
Filling out of A1 (E101, E106) application forms - 20.00
Archiving - 20.00/year
Preparation of a statistical annual report (e-stat) - from 10.00/report
Preparation of a statistical monthly report (e-stat) - from 5.00/report
Interim reports (balance sheet, income statement, etc) - 10.00/report
Documentation of a business trip (order, report) - 10.00/report
Calculation of salaries (starting from the 2nd employee) - 5.00/employee
Bank transfers (international) 1.00/transfer
Bank transfers (intra-Community) 0.50/transfer
Issue of invoices (depending on the complexity) - 1.00-10.00/invoice
Warehouse accounting (depending on the complexity) - 0.50-5.00/articles, group
Hourly rate - 15.00-25.00/h depending on the complexity of the accounting
Audit/review support - 30% of the cost of the audit/review


The cost of tax consultations is 30,00-50,00 EUR/h depending on the complexity of the question.


Entering changes into the Commercial Register - 30,00 EUR
Financial analysis and budgeting - 25,00 EUR/h


Setting up of a new business entity through the Commercial Register Portal:
Private limited company (OÜ), general partnership (TÜ), limited partnership (UÜ) - 40 EUR regardless of the number of shareholders,                                                                                                partners and members of the management board Sole proprietorship (FIE) - 30 EUR

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