This page provides information on the VLT Large Programme  "Dark Matter Mass Distributions of Hubble Treasury Clusters and the Foundations  of ΛCDM Structure Formation Models" (LP186.A-0798, 200 hrs, PI: P. Rosati), a panoramic spectroscopic survey with VIMOS on the VLT of 14 massive clusters at z=0.2-0.6, drawn from the sample of the HST multi-treasury program CLASH (Cluster Lensing And Supernova survey with Hubble, PI: M. Postman).

The Large Programme  was completed in March 2016. 
Data reduction is complete, redshift catalogs are been prepared and progressively released here.  

The original goals of the survey were to: 
  • obtain ~500 spectroscopic members per cluster, over 3-5 Mpc, for an accurate reconstruction of the cluster mass profile from dynamical analysis
  • obtain redshifts for high-z magnified galaxies and strong lensing features in the cluster cores out to z~7
  • provide a full spectro-photometric characterization of the largest sample of cluster galaxies to date, with stellar masses ranging from 108 to 1012 solar masses. 
In combination with additional data from Subaru/SupCam, HST, Chandra/XMM, the main scientific objectives of the project are:
  • derive mass density profiles with unprecedented accuracy with strong+weak lensing, dynamics, X-ray methods over 10-3000 kpc radial range
  • obtain a census of primordial galaxies, exploring low-luminosity galaxies which are thought to play an important role in the reionization of the Universe
  • explore galaxy structure and evolution over a range of environments with a spectro-photometric data set of ~6000 cluster galaxies

Observations were completed in March 2016

CLASH-VLT cluster sample and progress status

 Cluster RA DEC zStatus
 Abell 383 02:48:06.9-03:29:32  0.187 Completed  
 Abell 209 01:31:57.5-13:34:35  0.209 Completed  
 RXJ2129+0005 21:29:40.0+00:05:21  0.234 Completed  
 MS2137-2353 21:40:12.8-23:39:27  0.313 Completed  
 RXJ2248-4431 22:48:54.3-44:31:07  0.348 Completed  
 MACSJ1115+01 11:15:53.3+01:29:47  0.352 Completed   
 MACSJ1931-26 19:31:49.6-26:34:34  0.352 Completed  
 MACSJ0416-24 04:16:09.9-24:03:58  0.396
 MACSJ0429-02 04:29:36.1-02:53:08  0.399  Cancelled    
 MACSJ1206-08 12:06:12.1-08:48:02  0.440 Completed   
 MACSJ0329-02 03:29:40.8-02:11:54  0.450 Completed     
 RXJ1347-1145 13:47:32.0-11:45:42  0.451 Completed   
 MACSJ1311-03 13:11:01.6-03:10:40  0.494
 MACSJ2129-07 21:29:26.0-07:41:28  0.570 Completed  
Contact:  Piero Rosati (University of Ferrara,