Vivo Children's Choir

Join us for "Try it FOR A Day!"

Join us this Wednesday to try Vivo for a day! Explore singing in a group setting in a relaxed, fun, and engaging atmosphere! Email us with your singer's name, grade and contact info to register to attend. 

Registration is open for the Fall session of our 2023-24 Season until September 30th, 2023.


We are continuing our 4 to 5pm practices for Animoso (Grades 2 and 3) and
4 to 5:30pm practices for Bravura and Concento (Grades 4 and up) on Wednesdays
for the 2023-24 Season at Olivet Baptist Church in New Westminster.

First Practice: Wednesday, September 13th, 2023 at 4pm

The Vivo Children's Choir has been pursuing the highest standards of training and performance since 2002.

The Choir promises an experience of the world of music created through the ages, in a range of languages and styles from simple folk to gospel and contemporary songs.


Our vision is to provide musical education which is accessible to all children in the community.


The purpose of our society is to provide quality musical and artistic instruction to children aged 7 and up through an inclusive choir.  In addition, it is our wish to nurture and develop a love of music through a diverse musical curriculum.