Viveka Erlandsson

University of Bristol

School of Mathematics

Office: Fry Building, Room 2.18


Mailing Address:

University of Bristol

School of Mathematics

Fry Building, Woodland Road

Bristol BS8 1UG, UK

I'm writing a book! With Juan Souto, called Mirzakhani's Curve Counting and Geodesic Currents, see here for the introduction and a table of content (updated March 2021).

I am a Lecturer of Mathematics in the School of Mathematics at University of Bristol. I am associated with the Institute for Pure Mathematics and the Institute for Probability, Analysis, and Dynamical Systems.

My research interests are in hyperbolic geometry, low dimensional topology and Teichmüller theory. See here for my papers and preprints.

I am partially supported by EPSRC grant EP/T015926/1.