Latest News

  • Nov 2021: Georgin, Harish, Thomas, Jhilik and Zhivago's methods paper about our dream monkey lab is now accepted in eLife!

  • Nov 2021: Aakash's study on how visual processing predicts reading fluency in children is accepted in JEP:G!

  • Apr 2021: Aakash wins the Institute medal for best thesis from BSSE!

  • Mar 2021: Georgin receives the Elsevier/Vision Research Travel Award for presenting at the V-VSS 2021!

  • Feb 2021: Georgin, Pramod and Harish's study on perception in deep networks and brains is accepted in Nature Communications!

  • Oct 2020: Zhivago's study on perceptual priming is published in Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience!

  • Oct 2020: Shubhankar Saha is awarded the Prime Minister's Research Fellowship!

  • Sep 2020: Georgin's paper on perception of global and local shape is accepted in Journal of Vision!

  • July 2020: Pramod's paper on improving machine vision using human perception is accepted in IEEE TPAMI!

  • May 2020: Aakash receives the Elsevier/Vision Research Award for presenting at the virtual VSS 2020!

  • May 2020: Aakash's paper on jumbled word reading is now published in eLife!

  • Feb 2020: Georgin wins the VSS 2020 T-shirt and graphics design contest!

NOTE: We are not accepting any short-term students for the coming year.