BOX TOPS, BOX TOPS, BOX TOPS - Start your spring cleanup by sending in all those Box Tops you've collected!  We will continue to collect and save Box Tops through the end of the year, so keep them coming!! We are hoping to reach our $1,000 goal!"  Box Tops can be found on the packaging of so many food items you already buy.  Look for them, cut them out and send them in to school, and Viola gets $.10 for each one!!

PTA POSITIONS FOR 2017/2018 - Position descriptions and Nominations forms went home and are on the Backpack.  Volunteer your skills to help our children.

AMAZON SMILE BENEFITS VIOLA - Did you know that when you shop at, Amazon will donate a portion of your spending to Viola?  You still get all of your regular Amazon benefits including Amazon Prime!  Add Viola as the beneficiary of your Amazon orders.  Find out how at

VIOLA WEAR FOR SPRING & SPIRIT - Support Viola!  Flyer is on Backpack!

Congratulations to our 2016/2017 Viola PTA Executive Board and Chairpersons!

Check out the PTA Positions Page for the complete list


Become More Involved in Viola PTA in 2016/2017

The PTA cannot survive without the help and dedication of parents.  We would love any amount of time you can give, whether it be your time at an event, behind-the-scenes support or providing food for activities.  If you have a skill you think the PTA needs, let us know, we'll welcome you with open arms!