About the Vintage Radio Group

The Vintage Radio Group
(MX0VRG)  is a 'special interest group' now affiliated to the well-known and innovative Phoenix Amateur Radio Club in the UK. The group undertakes a range of vintage radio activities and participaties widely in PARC activities while using vintage amateur radio equipment.

The group currently uses a Yaesu FT-101ZD and a Kenwood TS-830S, each with more-or-less contemporary accessories, especially a Decca KW-107 Supermatch and original microphones, plus a Datong FL3 Auto Notch Filter. An Icom IC-735, an early compact, all solid state,  radio is also available for use (more info).

The group also promotes Vintage Radio Days, which are open to all vintage radio enthusiasts, and take place regularly throughout the year, usually in January, March, May, July, September, October and December, although any day can
be a vintage day! Many of the VRW activities coincide with other Phoenix ARC and Aries ARC events.

In addition to the Amateur Radio transceivers, members also have: Eddystone 730, 740, 840 communications receivers, plus several domestic radios made by Pye, Philips, Bush and RGD of various vintages - all British made, along with much 'wreckage' accumulated over many decades.

In 2018 the VRG will not be producing self-service, high resolution downloadable certificate for participants as we didi in 2017. This is because HF propagation is unlikely to be satisfactory for lots of activities; but here is a sample of the 2017 certificate. If conditions improve towards the end of 2018 we will again produce a certificate..

VRW Award Download

The Vintage Radio Group (MX0VRG) is a 'user group', not a collectors' club. Enquiries about membership should be sent to PARC:

The short url for this website is

Yaesu FT-101ZD

Kenwood TS-830S

Heathkit SB303

Foundation & Intermediate Licensees

Hybrid radios are fun and may be 'desirable' additions to the shack, BUT please be aware that hybrid transceivers will only operate correctly at full output power - usually 100W - therefore they are not appropriate for use by UK
Foundation & Intermediate licence holders except under the supervision of a Full Licence holder (and using the Full Licensee's Call Sign).

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