Research Team

Our Research Team (Present)


  • Mr. Partha Pratim Gogoi (Ph.D.)@IITBBS - on temporary withdrawal [Assistant Professor at Dimoria College, Assam] [Final Stage]

  • Mr. Asutosh Acharya (Ph.D.) @NCPOR, Goa - on temporary withdrawal [Scientist with EoN Inc, U.K] [Final Stage]

  • Mr. S. S. Sethi, Urban Climate

  • Ms. Nandini G, Urban Climate

  • Mr. Sanatan Binisia, Aerosol and Climate

  • Mr. Sarin . T. S, Indian Monsoon and Climate Change

  • Mr. Smaran Maji, Air Pollution and Climate

  • Mr. Narayan Reddy, urbanization [jointly with Prof. U.C. Mohanty]


  • Ms. Ananya Sen (M. Sc.)

  • Ms. Gopika (M. Tech.)

Our Lab Alumni

  • Dr. Satyendra Pandey (Ph.D.)@IITBBS [Awarded], Now at University of California Merced, USA

  • Dr. Tanmoy Mukherjee (JRF, now Ph.D.) @ University of Calcutta and ICIMOD, Nepal [Awarded]

  • Mr. Shekhar Suman (M. Tech., completed as DAAD Fellow at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany. Now @ IIM Raipur)

  • Ms. Honey Bakshi (M. Tech) now @ Bank of Maharashtra

  • Ms. Annu Panwar (M. Sc., now PhD@ Max Planck Institute, Germany)

  • Mr. Yang Lian (M.Sc., @ IITM, Pune)

  • Mr. Swadhish. V. V (M. Tech - completed) @ IIT Delhi

  • Ms. Pushpa Priyadarshini (M. Tech - completed) [now Asst. Engineer, Water Resources, Govt of Odisha]

  • Mr. Navinya Chirmurkar (M. Tech - completed, now at IIT Bombay)

  • Mr. Soumya Satyakanta Sethi (M. Tech - completed, now continuing for Ph.D. at IIT Bhubaneswar)

  • Mr. Soumyadip Ganguly (M. Tech., now @ IIT Delhi)

  • Mr. Praveen Kumar (M. Sc., now @ IITM Pune

  • Mr. Kalyan Roy (M. Sc., now Asst. Professor@ Ranchi University)

  • Mr. Ankit Sharma (M.Tech, completed as DAAD Fellow at Hannover University, Germany)

  • Mr. Ankit Singh (M.Tech, completed) [now Engineer with 50 Htz Inc]

  • Mr. Abdul Fazil (M.Sc. completed)

  • Mr. Pradip Kumar Gautam (M. Sc. completed)

  • Mr. Ashwini Kumar (M. Tech.) [now Engineer at MoneyTap Inc]

  • Mr. Alok Ranjan Barik (M. Tech. Completed)

  • Mr. Kunal Singh (M. Tech. Completed)

  • Mr. Mir Md Tanfeez (M. Sc. Geology, Completed)

  • Dr. Raghu Nadimpalli (Research Associate, now@ Purdue University & IITBBS)

  • Dr. Hara Prasad Nayak (Research Associate) [now at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)]

  • Dr. Sanjeev Dwivedi (PDF) [now Scientist at India Meteorological Department]

External Students (Internship)

  • Mr. Abhishek Jha (National Institute of Technology, Rourkela) [Completed]

  • Mr. Amlan Nag (Central University of Rajasthan) [Completed]

  • Ms. Indulekha C.S. (Cochin University of Science and Technology) [Completed]

  • Ms. Nandini Gopinath (Cochin University of Science and Technology) [Completed]

  • Mr. Sarin .T. S. (Indian Institute of Science, Education and Research Pune) [Completed]

  • Ms. Arpita Mohanty (Pondicherry University) [Completed]

  • Ms. Sakshi Rajbhoj (TERI University) [Completed]

  • Ms. Sraddha Krishna (Central University of Gujarat) [Completed]

  • Ms. Alice Jeeva (Cochin University of Science and Technology) [Completed]

  • Ms. Saambhavi Nautiyal (TERI University) [Completed]