Parallax OPEN

Parallax OPEN foi um projeto desenvolvido na Escola Técnica Tupy nos anos de 2001, 2002 e 2003.

Parallax OPEN was a project developed in 2001, 02, 03 at high school.

Abaixo reproduzido um site da época do projeto (alguns links e imagens faltando):

Below is the reproduction of some info recovered from that time.

Parallax OPEN

Project Home Page

Briefing (Introduction)

How Does it Work

The Car Chassis

The PIC microcontroller and on-car circuit

The Step Motor

The Driver


Tue, 28 Jan 2003 - Site updated, news sessions is on.

Some near future changes: New uProcessor in place of a PIC uC (sure).

SST900 Radio Module for communications (Depends on sponsorship)

Different material for the chassis.

The Parallax OPEN project description


- Good to acces areas man cannot.

- Relatevely cheap (so far) compared to other similar projects.

- Make Console Dev popular.

- Research

The Staff (Parallax OPEN Team) :

Guilherme Uhelski - GB Programming

Gustavo Leão - Mechanics/Electric Project

Vinicius Kursancew - GB/PIC/PC Programming/Elecronics


-SOCIESC - Joinville - SC - Brazil

-Megadyne (Italy)





-Modelação Nova Era (SC)

-ZDI electronics (FL - USA)

-Micropress Printed Circuit Boards (SP)

The project is not aiming at any profit but we accept sponsorship from any electronic components company. Any cash help is also welcome. Mailto if you want to help us with information or sponsorship.

How does It Work

The car chassis is divided in three parts: a central support, a frontal fork and a rear fork. The forks are joined to the center by an axis, which allows the forks move up and down with the help of 2 step motors.

The car motion is provided by 2 step motors, connected to a gearbox. The gearbox will provide more power to the car, eventhough the speed will be reduced. From the gearbox comes out an axis, wich is connected to the car's leash trought a pulley.

The car turns left and right like a tank: one of the engines turns off as the other one runs, so it turns to the opposite side of the running engine.

The car is controlled by the gameboy and microcontrollers embedd on the car interpret the control signal and generate a pulse sequence to switching transistors, as necessary.

Gameboy program download: tgz

Gameboy utilities: tgz

Vehicle's complete description (portuguese): parallax.pdf.gz

Licence for programs written by the Parallax OPEN Team: GPL-2

The circuit is (C)opyright 2001, 2002, 2003 of the Parallax OPEN Team

The Car Chassis

Designed by Gustavo Leão Moreira in AutoCADr14

Width: 200mm

Height: 20mm

Lenght: 483mm

Fork´s Axis Ratio: 13.74mm

Built by the team in the school's foundry using cast aluminum alloy and then machined where required.

The PIC microcontroller and it's circuit

The programs may me downloded here. They are in ZIP compressed format. May be decompressed with unzip or filzip.

The circuit can be downloaded here and is in PDF GZip format. May be viewed with gv (Ghost View).

The Step Motor

Type: Hybrid. We are using a motor that has 2 coils made by Minebea/Astrosyn.

The Driver

The driver is developed by us and uses L298 as H-Bridges. We also used some protection devices to ensure that other parts do not get dammaged if something goes wrong with the power circuitry.