Love Comes Back

When I said 'I love you', U cried........ U knew I lied 

I find it difficult, for whenever I think

What happened when she fled across?

I couldn’t even blink,


 Was it my dreary life or some magic happened?

I saw her flaming, thousand candles within,

That Venus smile cut across to miles,

My legs went weak and my heart would sink.


 I felt jealous when she flirted,

I didn’t even know her name

Oh God!! When she moved

I remember like every frame

I announced my introduction,

And looked her straight into eyes

Only she raised her eyebrows

Told me, she feeling the same

What all I didn’t do, to impress her all

Was I in Love, or just likin’ the gal?

I talked; I laughed, but never cried

I never committed, and told her, I tried

And she never complained, never vowed

Just told me to be, at her side

Time passed by and I came with the line

‘Go ahead with your life; leave me n I’ll be fine’

She did so, never looked back then,

No real hang ups and I was free again




But why after so many days am thinking of her smile?

Why ever I feel low; wanna hold her for a while?

Like now I realize that she was the one

What was not love to me, wasn’t even the fun

She never complained, coz she loved me always

She never ‘Said it’, coz it’s only true that ways

Now I know, why she cried

When I said ‘I Love You’; she knew I lied

She didn’t look back then, coz she knew I wouldn’t be there

I’ll be happy by that,

She knew in her heart, she knew it somewhere


 Now God!! I plead with all my might

Make her come back again

Am in Love!! And she was right….

……Right there for me in my happiness and sorrow

I want her back for my better, or even my tomorrow


Tomorrow if I live, I’ll only be with her

And today if I die

I meet you 'My Lady' in my next life........forever with you......forever there!!!!