Help and Contacts

Manhattan Management Company: 1-818-990-4436

  • Contact for communal maintenance issues, including plumbing.

Board of Directors: Our contact information is in the directory circulated via email.

City of Santa Monica:

  • EMERGENCIES related to public safety: Call 9-1-1. Do not call the board president, do not call the board. Just dial 9-1-1.
  • Public Safety non-emergencies: (310) 395-9931
  • Questions about the City in general: Use the City's Santa Monica Works app!
    • or download SM GOV for iOS and Android.
    • You can submit questions and inquiries about noise, code enforcement, overgrown hedges, traffic control, bike infrastructure and more here. Each category is routed to dedicated City staff and you will receive a response within 10 business days if not much sooner.

Using this website

Most of the content is accessible only to current association members. You'll need to register for a Google account and provide your Google username to the HOA webmaster at

Governance documents, such as building CC&Rs, can always be obtained directly from the management company or by creating an account on their website, We also have a copy of the CC&Rs and complex rules.

The HOA board also emails draft and approved versions of meeting minutes to every owner through the building-wide Google Group. Access is restricted to owners only.