Village Playwrights Productions

The Village Playwrights announce a call for submissions for Queer Scare IV,  staged readings of 10 minute plays to celebrate Halloween on Wednesday, October 25, 2017 from 8 to 10 pm at the LGBT Community Center.   


    • Playwrights must be from Metro New York area
    • Plays must be under 10 minutes. 
    • Plays must have a LGBTQ and Halloween theme
    • Plays are to be read script in hand, minimally staged with no props; actors must stand
    • You must produce the reading of your own play including casting and a minimum of 2 hours rehearsal.
    • Deadline Sunday, October 1, 2017, 5 pm.
    • No fee to submit


    To Submit:

    • send your play as an attachment to
    • your name and contact information should be in the body of the email but not on the script.
    • put the name of your script on the subject line

    For more information call 614-285-2515. 

    Guidelines for writing a good short play:

      1. Engage your audience quickly by getting to the conflict immediately.
      2. Surprise the audience; don't rely on cliches.
      3. Make the audience laugh or become emotional.
      4. Create vivid characters.  Give them names. Naming your characters "Man" and "Woman" usually means your characters are not fully developed.
      5. Show, don't tell.
      6. Be original.
      7. Limit your play to 3-4 characters.
      8. The situation should be compelling.
      9. Communicate non-verbally.
      10. Make use of the space and props.
      11. Don't be afraid to be shocking.