Vikas Vikram Singh
Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi
Hauz Khas, New Delhi 110 016, India

Office: MZ 191
Email: vikassingh@maths.iitd.ac.in
Tel: +91-11-2659-1452

  • Nov 15, 2017, Submitted a paper " Variational  inequality formulation for the games with random payoffs"    coauthored with Abdel Lisser.
  • Aug 11, 2017, Submitted a paper "A characterization of Nash equilibrium for the games with random payoffs" coauthored with Abdel Lisser.   
  •  July 29, 2017, Submitted a revised version of  the paper "A Second-order cone programming formulation for two player zero-sum games with chance constraints" coauthored with Abdel Lisser to  "European Journal of Operational Research".     
  • May 3, 2017, Submitted a paper "General sum games with joint chance constraints" coauthored with Peng Shen and Abdel Lisser  to "Operations Research Letters". 

Welcome to my home page.

I am an Assistant Professor in the department of Mathematics at Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India.

I am mainly interested in game theoretic problems involving distributional uncertainties. In particular I have worked on research problems from areas of stochastic dynamic games, Network formation games, and chance constraint based stochastic Nash Games. My current focus is on stochastic Nash game problems using the tools from stochastic optimization and distributionally robust optimization.

Research Interests: My research interests include
  •  Game Theory
  •  Stochastic Games
  •  Stochastic Optimization 
  •  Distributionally Robust Optimization
  • Operations Research