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Hi good morning. My son is 5 years old. He’s a brilliant autistic child. He’s in love with Timmy Uppet and friends. I love it too so much. This is a higher part of why my baby boy could read at 3 and do math and learned shapes, animals, and vehicles.

I told my mom everything and she was in awe and she was like Nico wasn’t talking then a week later he was spelling bulldozer.

To think after 3 years and all of the other programs he’s watched and stopped watching this is still his favorite!

Best show ever and great job doing what you do.



My son and I were reading on Rivet for the last time last night (the app shut down today). He pulled up your Monster Truck Colors book and really loved reading it. It made me smile, i was always giddy when you would send us new books. Thanks for being such an enthusiastic partner! Your books have impacted many readers in the most positive way.



Vids4Kids.tv is well worth supporting! I may not say much but I am constantly suggesting Vids4Kids.tv to people with young ones! You make a difference! Thank you for all you do!


Jessica Dustin

My autistic son has watched your videos for years; we were one of your first subscribers actually... Anyhow I just want to say Thanks for all the effort and hard, time consuming work you put into making such great, educational kid friendly videos.


Kelli Walsh

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your Timmy Uppet shows. My Autistic Son has had incredible language development from watching them. I am so grateful. Thank you!!


Hello Kelli, we want to say thank you. Can we use this comment in our comment section? We get many parents with Autistic children that say the same thing. Thanks again, V4K

Kelli Walsh

Yes please use it in whatever way you wish and anything I can do to support you please let me know! It’s funny in creation; as creator beings it’s so often when we are bringing forth our creation we don’t know the meaning & purpose until later after the seeds have sprouted. Otis is a 6 year old very happy and lucky boy to have the gift of your creations in his life. His language has expanded so much because of your hard work and dedication into directing your shows! They are entertaining for adults too; the voices and characters are super funny and eclectic. Thank you from the bottom of my heart; his mind is attuned to your creation. That’s a lifetime of possibilities you open for one child & that is amazing!


'Hey folks at Vids4Kids, My fiance's son LOVES your shows. He is 8 years old but unfortunately he suffers from lissencephaly, a rare brain condition that leaves him with the mental acuity of around a 1.5 year old. But your show makes him laugh so hard...he learns, he smiles...he asks for them all the time. In particular he loves Mercedes shouting "awww yeah" when he comes on screen lol. I at least wanted you to know the very positive impact you have had on a kid and his family with your work. Thank you

*edit 10/06/2022

It's taken me a year to send this message. My son Aden passed away a year ago and your youtube channel was his favorite. I want you to know the impact that you had on my son Aden. He was a special needs boy that learned more than he was ever expected to because of your channel. You made a video for him years ago and he loved it! I played Vids4kids during his last hours of life because he asked to hear Timmy and all of his friends. I just thought you should know that you are doing more than you will ever know. I thank you you for all that you did for my son. He only wanted Vids4kids on everyday of his life. Thank you


My grandson was over and pointed to this video as we were searching Monster Truck videos and was so mesmerized by it and loved it!! :) Thank you for creating this, its nice to have something clean and educational thats gets the childrens attention as they learn and can enjoy at the same time!

Susan Leslie


My 3 year old loves them, especially the Monster Truck ones. I have found myself watching them and laughing, when the one puppet (woman?) with the big eyes keeps laughing and saying yeah,um yeah, and even the Wheels On The Bus song. We like the old man, and the others too. They keep his attention, and he learns also. Keep up the good work!

Tamara Deisher


Christmas Tree - Learn Shapes and The Word Christmas Tree - the part with the shapes is super!!!!!!!!!!!! i will use this video and activity next week at my classes!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anna Green


"We watch you on youtube all the time anyway, Scottie's faves this week are, It's good to be a Kid "His first sentence by the way!" I couldn't believe it! He said "It's good be a kid", the most words he ever put together...and also I can't find my shoes, the word pink and he says helicopter, a 4 syllable word because of your video! He is only 22 months old! Thank you!"

Djemila Macklin


My 3.5 yr old is OBSESSED with your videos. He cackles and calls Screecher “weird”. We now have a thing in our house to talk like Mercedes all up in the whatnot

Melanie Vincent Jarvis


This is so silly it's brilliant....my son loves it.....thank you ! Monster Truck Word Crusher

Mutti Ferlingerer


I love your vids haven't tried this one on my little man yet but will give it a go! Its certainly different haha wonder what he'll think of it anyway keep up the great work :) Alphabet Cars


You guys are AWESOME!!! I'l have you know that my kids and I are obsessed with your school song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4dYssG_8xs). We found you guys on Roku and watch Every. Single. Day.


..AWESOME.... this one is great! You know my boy has always loved your vids and the pretend sounds.... He's going to be ecstatic when I play this!! He loves the abcs too! Sincerely, Loyal Fans


I thought “Number Transformers” as the most annoying video ever but guess what my 3year old daughter loves it soooooo much.

AutumnAllison Allen


Not good.. My son loves your videos, but one problem, he should learn his own lanuges before he learns english.. Haha.. Great videos!

YouTube Fan


@Vids4Kids.tv I first found Timmy Uppet when I was teaching English in China years ago. It was the song 'I like to go to school'. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4dYssG_8xs

Brilliant! It was so weird and cute - the kids loved it and I was an instant fan.

Then I kinda forgot about it but YouTube suggested this monster truck video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RAuPWuqiids and I've discovered you again !


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