The artist walks like a „Flâneur“ through the city. He does not have a turtle with him (as the original Parisian Flâneur of the 1830‘s used to); later, he does not write stories, he does not write poems.

He has only a video camera. He takes shots of the city; he takes shots of the “life” of the people of the city, sometimes he also shoots “himself” (...without camera moves, without zooming, without special lighting, with original sound, without permission);

later he chooses and combines the scenes,
installs and presents them online, offline, on site or off site
always under different contexts...

during the last years many of his  [video]works have been shown in numerous renowned film /media / art events, festivals, museum and gallery shows in more than 100 cities of europe, america and asia...

konstantinos-antonios goutos has been [video]strolling (in) more than 60 cities               

(Berlin, Leipzig, Brussels, Nuremberg, Larissa, Thessaloniki, Cologne, Prague, Dresden, Potsdam, Police, Athens, Halle, Gdansk, Weimar, Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Aarau, Basel, Kassel, Dessau, Braunschweig, Brandenburg, Naoussa, Erfurt, Rhodes, Hamburg, Opole, Krakow, Auschwitz, Olomouc, Pavia, Genoa, Plauen, Chalkis, Meissen, Sczcecin, Liège, Enschede, Gronau, Magdeburg, Lisbon, Bratislava, Paris, Vienna, Munich, Altenburg, Jena, Bochum, Neubrandenburg, Saarbruecken, Bonn, Naumburg, Giessen, Marburg, Heidelberg, Stavanger, Chemnitz, Stuttgart, Kaufbeuren, Erkrath, Wuppertal, Mettmann, Aachen, Eupen, Wolfenbuetel, Neuss, Bern, Goerlitz, Zgorzelec)

at this moment he [video]strolls (in) different cities of germany


by following this link you can find some of his [video]works to watch online...

konstantinos-antonios goutos /

am ortenbergsteg 1 / 35039 marburg, germany / +4915205133257 /