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Just google "vid932008" and almost everything will show up !
Email me at . . . . vid932008@gmail.com
Blogging since 2009  at . . . . www.vid93.blogspot.ca
Watercolour paintings celebrated on their own at . . . . www.wawacolour.blogspot.ca
I've been an individual artist member of the Oakville Arts Council since 2009, and my page there is . . . .

 Professional Record


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. . .  it is actually rather exhaustive, and I am very proud of it, even if it is less than professional !!
And my portfolio on 


. . .  and again, this portfolio is actually rather exhaustive, if not professional !!

 Silly Animation Advertising


To hire me for animation work, try this site :        

Mental Health organizations support the practice of Art.

Touched By Fire

Here is my page on the Mood Disorders Association of Ontario 's website called Touched By Fire :

Canadian Mental Health Association

 This organization funds the Oakville OASIS Drawing Bee, that I have facilitated weekly since March 2010.

Social Media anyone ?

Twitter --

The easiest way to create animation and movies !!

Liason of Independent Film of Toronto

This is the place to go to make any sort of film. Unless you're not sure what you want to do and would rather spend years in the education system acquiring debt !

Toronto Animated Image Society 

  - member since 2006