Lab members

Actual members

Principal investigator

Victor Parra-Tabla. Victor wants to be a good ecologist. He knows that he is a lucky guy because he has excellent students, and good friends and colleagues. 

Associated Researcher 

Paula Sosenski. Paula is an Associated Researcher (CONACyT) in our Tropical Ecology Department.(more information here)

Diego Carmona. Diego is also an Associated researcher (CONACyT) in our Department  

Technical support

Cristopher Albor Pinto. Cris finished his MsC in ecology, and he loves plants

Brian Suárez. Briani is a fellow researcher assistant. He likes plant-pollinator interaction

Special guests

Gerardo Arceo Gómez. Gerardo (Tato) is Assistant professor at the East Tennessee State University (USA); he will be working with us in our project about Functional diversity during the next years. Tato is an expert in pollination biology (see Gerardo´s web page). 



Edith Villa. Edith is coming from the Universty of Bristol, where she obtained his PhD. degree, she is an expert in plant-insect-insect interactions.

Doctoral students 

Natalia Ovando. Natalia is working with the effects of global warming on the distribution of key-stone species of the coastal sand dunes.  

Alexander Suárez Mariño. Alex  is starting his Dr., he wants to work with plant-plant interactions: pollinators sharing, heterospecific pollen flow.


Ms Sciences students

You? two positions are available


Undergraduate students 

Josué Magaña. Josué is working with the past and actual distribution of the Walteria genus at Yucatán

Alberto Gutiérrez Cervera. Alberto is working with interactions between wild cotton and mycorrhizal fungi 

Viviana Cabrera. Viviana is working with hummingbird diversity and floral resources in parks of Mérida, City.

David  Cupul Cicero. David is working with phenology and floral color diversity, and pollinators in a community of a coastal dune

You? two positions are available  

Past members


Diego Angulo. Diego is lecturer at UADY (Mérida, México)

Martha Reyes H. Martha is lecturer at UAG (Guadalajara, México) 

Javier Quinto Canovas. Javier is looking for a job in Spain or France. 

Alejandra Gonzalez Moreno. Ale is lecturer at ITA-Conkal (Conkal, México)

Mariana Cuautle Arenas. Mariana is lecturer at UDLA (Puebla, México)

José C. Cervera. Carlos is researcher of  the Department of Tropical Ecology, UADY (Mérida, México) 

Miguel Angel Munguia Rosas. Miguel is researcher at CINVESTAV-IPN (Mérida, México)


Doctoral students

Silvia Isabel Rosado Sánchez. Silvia is looking for a job

Blanca Mejía Alva. Blanca is thinking about the next step

María José Campos Navarrete. MaJo got a lecturer position at the IT-Tizimín 

Luis Salinas Peba. Luis got a lecturer position at Marista University-Mérida

Daniela Martínez Natarén. Daniela got a position at  CINVESTAV-Mérida. 

Ilka Ortegón-Campos. Ilka is working in academic programs (Cozumel, México)

Laura Meneses Calvillo. Laura is lecturer at UADY

Adriana Castro. Adriana is researcher at ECOSUR (Chiapas, México)

Cuauhtemoc Deloya. Cuauhtemoc is researcher at INECOL (Xalapa, México) 


Ms Sciences students

Maybeth Mendoza. Maybeth is looking for a Dr. grade

Alexander Suárez Mariño. Alex  is a Dr. student in our Department 

Yanely May Uc. Yanely wants to work in the real world 

Judith López. Judith wants to study her Dr. at CIDIR-Oaxaca

Samuel Campos. Samuel is working as a teacher at COBAY

Patricia Tellez. Paty is working in projects of environmental impact assessment

Nataly Celaya. Naty is working at SEP in a science program for kids  

Dennis Marrufo Zapata. Dennis is working as a techician at UADY

Luis Salinas Peba. Luis finished is doctoral program

Juan Ramón Pérez Pérez. Juan is lecturer in the Chapingo University (México)

Virginia Meléndez Ramirez. Virginia is a researcher at UADY (she got her Dr. degree at CICY)

Celina Naval Ávila. She is Dr student at UV, México (guessing)


Undergraduate students

José Daniel Tzuc. Daniel is looking for a job, but he wants to study a posgrade  

Brian Suárez Flores. Brian is looking for a MsC program

Christian Barajas Daniel. Christian works as environmental consultant

Rigel Siveira. Rigel is looking for a MsC program

Raúl Mena Pacheco.  Where are you?

Laura Patricia Serralta Laura is thinking in her future

Virginia Solis. Virginia is in a MsC program at CINVESTAV

Luis Esquivel Gómez. Luis is at Germany in a  Dr program

Vanessa Hernández. Vanessa finished her MsC program at UADY

Pamela Medina. Pamela is studying her MsC program at the Netherlands  

Ana Karen Carbonel. Ana Karen is studying his Dr. degree at UK 

Nataly Celaya. Naty finished her MsC program at UADY 

Patricia Téllez. Paty finished her MsC program at UADY

Sandra Chalé Uc. Sandra is working at COBAY

Romel Moo. Rommel finished his MsC program at CINVESTAV

Amelia Álvarez. Where are you?   

Gerardo Areceo Gómez. Tato is in now a lecturer at EUT (USA)

Juan Paulo Carbajal B. Pauloc is a MSc student at CIECO, México

Elmy Gutierrez. Elmy finished her MSc at Inecol, México, she is working as a teacher at high school level 

Luis Abdala Roberts. Luis finished his  PhD  at University of California, USA, now he is Lecturer at UADY

Flor Rodríguez. Flor has a position at the government of Yucatán.

Miguel Carbajal. Miguel works at the Marista University, México (he got his Masters degree in Spain) 

Azucena Canto Aguilar. Azucena is researcher at CICY, México (she got her Dr. degree at INECOL, México)

Miguel Angel Pinkus. Miguel is a researcher at UNAM, México (he got his Dr. degree at ECOSUR, México)

Patricia Ancona Xiu. Paty got a job at the government of Yucatán

Ilka Ortegón Campos. Ilka got her Dr. degree at UADY, México (she got her Master degree at CICY, México)

Jorge Leirana Alcocer. Jorge is a lecturer at UADY (he got his Dr. degree at University of Alicante, Spain)




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