Victor M. Preciado is the Raj and Neera Singh Assistant Professor of Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is affiliated with the Networked & Social Systems Engineering program and the Warren Center for Network & Data Sciences. He received the Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and has also been a visiting scientist at UC Berkeley and Santa Fe Institute .

His main research interests lie in the modeling, analysis, and control of large-scale complex dynamical networks, with applications in social networks, technological infrastructure, and biological systems.

: preciado [at] seas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Office: Levine Hall, 360


  • Invited seminar at Duke, Fall 2014
  • Organizing a session on Control of Epidemics at CDC '14
  • Invited seminar at UC Santa Barbara, Fall 2014
  • Invited seminar at UC San Diego, Fall 2014
  • Organizing a session on Social and Economic Networks at IFORS '14
  • Invited seminar at UC Berkeley, Spring 2013
  • Invited seminar at UCLA, Spring 2013
  • Invited seminar at UIUC, Spring 2013
  • Member of the IEEE Control Systems Society Conference Editorial Board
  • TCM for the IEEE Symposium on Network Sensing, Inference, and Communication
  • TCM for the IEEE Symposium on Network Theory