Farm Stand

We don't sell Cabot Products - we are a source for Cabot Products.
Our farm is a part of the Agri-Mark Co-op that owns Cabot.
Our Milk is processed into the Cabot products.
  We Are Farmers and We Own CABOT

We are part of the Agri-Mark Co-op, a farmer-owned co-op that 
owns Cabot Farm.  When you buy Cabot Cheese and dairy products 
you are buying from our farm.

Out front of the farm, we also have produce that locals grow and create.
Or take a scenic drive on Vermont's Stone Valley Byway.
Scroll down through this page and see what we have been doing.
Take a drive to our Farm.

TrueLove Manure-Compost $30Manure Compost
Matt LeVitre & Ken Leach of 
True Love Registered Holstein 
Dairy Farm has Compost for sale. 
$30.00 a yard. Or $5 per bag that
makes it easy to transport and
make Manure TEA!
   Ken Leach at the farm 
   cell  802-254-8628
   Matt LeVitre 802-342-6229
   Delivery available for fee.

Hay-for-Sale too!Hay Bales for Sale

---------OUT OF STOCK --------
True Love Vermont Maple Syrup in 
True Love Vermont Maple Syrup Grade Chart
All grades (same price)
      Gallon - $55 (sold out)
1/2 Gallon - $32 (limited)
      Quart  - $18
      Pint     - $12
1/2 Pint     - $  8  has great  Recipes  

WINTER at True Love Dairy Farm

Christmas Window Boxes at True Love Farm, owned by Ken Leach of Pawlet, Vermont
Wreaths for Sale
FALL at the Farm in Pawlet, Vermont
True Love Vermont Registered Dairy Farm Stand's Pumpkins and Indian Corn   
TrueLove Vermont Indian Corn

  Reviews:  Carol Kane Neilson   August 30, 2013 :  

  Hmmm. Summer fun. Lobster rolls from HN Williams store, 
  and the best corn on the cob in the area ...    
  from Ken Leach farm the corner of Herrick Brook & Route 30! 
  Had some of the corn last night and it was exceptional, and is 
  the essence of summer food.   All you loca-vores out there, 
  swing by the farm and grab yourself some. Don't miss it!
Ken Leach Registered Holstein Dairy Farm
Ken Leach, Pawlet Vermont PUMPKINS

Photos by John W.  MacMenamin