Welcome To Veranda Ranch

Our family has been raising Morgan horses in Idaho since the early 70's. We are always striving  for a kid friendly horse and to maintain the integrity of the Morgan horse.

Trouper(Troupers Pride) September of 2019

     I got started with Morgans due to the efforts made by my Grandpa, Milton Johnson. He started raising Morgans in Priest River, ID in the early 70's. He started with a few mares and a stallion named Dream Scotch Piper (Scotty). Milton had a passion for horses that he passed down to me. The majority of our horses are directly from the horses he raised and bred. I couldn't appreciate more the efforts he made to raise Morgans that maintain the integrity of the breed, and his efforts to introduce me to a way of life. 

- Dustin

Corbin riding Mia(Leta May)