Welcome To Veranda Ranch

Hunter riding Mia, with Dustin leading

Trouper(Troupers Pride) September of 2019

Veranda Ranch is located 20 miles north of Boise in Horseshoe Bend, ID.

Our family has been raising Morgan horses in Idaho since the early 70's. We are always striving for a kid friendly horse and to maintain the integrity of the Morgan horse.

I got started with Morgans due to the efforts made by my Grandpa, Milton Johnson. He started raising Morgans up in Priest River, ID in the early 70's. He started with a few mares and a stallion named Dream Scotch Piper (Scotty). Milton had a passion for horses that he passed down to me. The majority of our horses are directly from the horses he raised and bred. I couldn't appreciate more the efforts he made to raise Morgans that maintain the integrity of the breed, and his efforts to introduce me to a way of life.

Corbin riding Mia(Leta May)