Welcome to this website devoted to Vegetation Classification Methods, endorsed by the International Association for Vegetation Scientists (IAVS)

The aim of this website is to provide conceptual and methodological help for anyone aiming to create/maintain quantitative classifications of vegetation. 

The Survey about Plot-based Vegetation Classification Methods has been closed.  We thank all 236 respondents for their kindness in answering the questionnaire. Descriptive statistics can be found in section Survey.

Main sections of the website:
  • Visit the About this website section to know more about the general purposes and current contributors of this international collaborative project.
  • Visit the Theoretical basis, History, Analyses, Naming or Applications  if you want to document yourself about the current knowledge and practices related to vegetation classification.
  • Visit the Books & Journals section in order to find which journals, books or book chapters are devoted to vegetation classification methods.
  • Visit the Software section to get links to useful resources such as programs, tutorials, databases...
  • Visit the News section to get recent (or past) pieces of news related to this field.

Recent news

  • New article about semi-supervised classification of vegetation A paper by Lubomír Tichý,Milan Chytrý and Zoltán Botta-Dukát recently published in Journal of Vegetation Science introduces the concept of semi-supervised classification to community ecology and vegetation ...
    Posted May 13, 2014, 11:24 AM by Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa
  • New article about numerical classification of complex data sets In an article recently published in Community Ecology, Lötter and co-authors present a test to identify a rigorous numerical classification method optimizing statistically identified faithful species:Lötter, M.C ...
    Posted Oct 3, 2013, 4:24 AM by Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa
  • New article about dissimilarity and the size structure of communities An article recently published in Methods in Ecology and Evolution explores how to incorporate the differences in size among individuals into the assessment of community compositional resemblance:De Cáceres M ...
    Posted Oct 3, 2013, 4:13 AM by Miquel De Cáceres Ainsa
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