Welcome to my homepage! My name is Tam Nguyen. Currently I am an Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, University of Dayton (UD). I am leading Vision and Mixed Reality Lab (VMR) in UD. Prior to that, I was a research scientist and principal investigator at ARTIC research centre in Singapore. I was also a lecturer (adjunct) in National University of Singapore. I am an IEEE Senior Member.

I received PhD degree in National University of Singapore (
NUS) under the guidance of Prof. Shuicheng Yan in 2013. Prior to joining NUS, I obtained my B.S. degree from HCMUS in 2005, majoring in Computer Science and M. Eng degree from Chonnam National University, Korea in 2009, respectively. I graduated with first ranking in terms of GPA in both bachelor and master's study. I have finished my PhD in 2½ years.

I have 10+ years of working experience in both research and industrial sectorsMy research topics include computer vision, applied machine learning, multimedia content analysis, and mixed reality. I have authored and co-authored 50+ research papers with 900+ citations (from Google Scholar). 

I am the recipient of numerous awards including Young Vietnamese of the year 2005, the 2nd prize winner of ICPR 2012 contest on action recognition, the best technical demonstration from ACM Multimedia 2012, the best student paper award at NUS-GSS 2013, Singapore Polytechnic R&D commendation award 2015, and the third prize at CVPR 2017 video object segmentation competition. 


  • One paper is accepted to Journal of Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU) (Apr 2019)
  • One paper is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP) (Apr 2019)
  • One paper is accepted to International Journal of Multimedia Information Retrieval (IJMIR) (Apr 2019)
  • Our graduate student, Jinnan Yan, has been awarded for 2019 Graduate Student Summer Fellowship (Apr 2019)
  • One STEM Catalyst Grant proposal was funded (Apr 2019)
  • One paper is accepted to ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications, and Applications (Mar 2019)
  • One paper is accepted to Journal of Visual Communication and Image Representation (Feb 2019)
  • One paper is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing (T-IP) (Jan 2019)
  • Our "Dayton Flyers" team received the Jolly Jumpers Award from ACM ICPC regional competition (Dec 2018)
  • I am a guest editor of the special issue "Machine Learning Algorithms in Biometric Applications" of Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing Journal. Please consider submitting your papers to this special issue. The call for paper is here. (Dec 2018)
  • I am a coach of UD students at ACM ICPC regional competition. Our "Dayton Flyers" team achieved rank 4 at the competition (Cincinnati site). (Nov 2018)
  • Achievement: 800+ citations according to Google Scholar (Jul 2018) 
  • One paper accepted to SMC 2018 for oral presentation (Jun 2018)
  • A joint work with NII, Japan and HCMUS, Vietnam is ranked sixth (out of 41 team submissions) at DAVIS Segmentation Challenge in CVPR 2018 (May 2018)
  • Our lab featured on University of Dayton Blog (Apr 2018)
  • My mini grant featured on the ELIFF page (Mar 2018)
  • One research grant awarded from University of Dayton Seed Grant (Feb 2018)
  • Four papers presented in IMCOM 2018 (Jan 2018)
  • Four papers accepted to IMCOM 2018 (Oct 2017)
  • One paper about visual saliency is accepted to International Journal of Computer Vision (Aug 2017) - Impact Factor = 11.541.
  • Two papers under demo track are accepted to ACM Multimedia 2017 conference (Jul 2017)
  • A joint work with NII, Japan and HCMUS, Vietnam is ranked third (out of 22 team submissions) at DAVIS Segmentation Challenge in CVPR 2017 (Jun 2017)
  • My proposal to STEM Catalyst Grant was approved (May 2017)
  • I received a small grant for experiential teaching from UD (May 2017)
  • One paper about image resizing is accepted to ICIP 2017 (May 2017)
  • Our NVIDIA GPU grant proposal is approved (Apr 2017)
  • One paper about salient object detection is accepted to IJCAI 2017 (Apr 2017)
  • One paper about action recognition is accepted to Neurocomputing (Apr 2017)
  • Congratulate to Joshua Buck (my co-supervised student with Prof. Saverio Perugini), has won the ACM student research contest (SRC) (Mar 2017)
  • I serve as a judge and organizer in the first University of Dayton Hackathon (Feb 2017) 
  • One paper about extreme learning machine is accepted to Neurocomputing (Feb 2017) 
  • Achievement: 500+ citations according to Google Scholar (Jan 2017) 
  • I have been elevated to IEEE Senior Member (Nov 2016)
  • One paper about extreme learning machine is accepted to ELM 2016 (Sep 2016) 
  • One paper about scene understanding is accepted to ICARCV 2016 (Aug 2016) 
  • I join University of Dayton as an Assistant Professor (Aug 2016) 
  • One paper about augmented reality is accepted to ACM Multimedia 2016 (Jul 2016) 
  • One article about saliency fusion is accepted to Multimedia Tools and Applications (May 2016) 
  • Another project is funded by Singapore Ministry of Education. We are recruiting (Apr 2016) 
  • One article about immersive media experiences is accepted to Multimedia Tools and Applications (Mar 2016) 
  • One paper is accepted to AAAI FLAIRS 2016 (Jan 2016) 
  • More ...
  • Email: vantam (at) gmail.com or tamnguyen (at) udayton.edu