TeeKay-421 vzw is the Belgian Star Wars fanclub. TeeKay publishes four magazines a year (articles, interviews, reviews), organizes club meetings & contests, runs a website with message board and has held several charity actions. The magazine and website are in Dutch.

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  Tim Veekhoven - Contributor Official Star Wars website, Star Wars Insider Magazine, President of TeeKay-421
"TeeKay-421, the Belgian Star Wars fanclub, met Anton for the first time several years ago at the F.A.C.T.S. convention in Gent. He joined our fanclub and showed us some of his artwork. At first Anton's art was used in our magazine's PeeKay section as line art. But it became clear that Anton wanted to do more for our fanclub. His work gradually expanded to creating several TeeKay-421 Magazine (back)covers, to designing the art for our membership cards and the poster for several TeeKay fandays. He's always eager to help out at conventions and uses his professional expertise to help the fanclub implement new ideas. I'm very grateful that Anton has become a valuable part of TeeKay-421 and I hope we'll be able to rely on his versatile skills for many years to come."
Mission Orange and The Orange Charity Gunner are a Star Wars charity project started by Magnus in 2007. His charity effort is aimed at helping and supporting the child hospital Sternenbruecke in Hamburg.

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  Magnus Muller - founder of the official German charity Star Wars project
"Talent has no name, it is an endowment. But when I met Anton, then I knew talent has a name! I know a lot of official artists, but its ever the same, only the man or woman with the biggest heart is the right one for the job. One amazing part of our teamwork was the very close thinking. One of Anton's talents is that he creates what you have as a picture in your mind, plus some special great ideas from himself. When Anton showed me the artwork of my idea "LOST...R2-D2", I was amazed. It was 100% the same of what I had as a vision.
The new artwork for the Jedi-Con 2014 Poster was a 100% co-operated thing and it was fun to see when our ideas were flying around. OK, as owner of the basic idea, you always have suggestions and you want to see what you have invented. But as free-thinker I love proposals and Anton has good ideas and at the end you have a perfect artwork.
I wish you Anton, all the best for the future and hope all your dreams come true, you deserves it! THANKS!!!"
Offizieller Star Wars Fan Club (OSWFC) is the official Star Wars Fan Club in Germany. In 1995 the club gained the licence to be called the official Star Wars fan club Germany and changed its name to Offizieller Star Wars Fan Club (Official Star Wars Fan Club). The OSWFC has about 7000 members which receive the club edition of the official Star Wars magazine. 

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  Robert Eiba - Editor-in-chief of the Official German Star Wars Magazine
"Anton van Dort has created great artworks for our Journal of the Whills (the exclusive magazine for all members of the Official German Star Wars Fan Club). He contributed some of the most popular and moody cover pages. It’s great to work with this very talented artist."

Blue Milk Special
Blue Milk Special 
is a free webcomic that parodies the Original Trilogy one scene at a time, starting with A New Hope, including The Holiday Special (yes, you read right) and Splinter of the Mind’s Eye (the first ever Star Wars novel, published before The Empire Strikes Back). After six years of work they are currently about half way through Return of the Jedi. The comic is written and illustrated by Rod and Leanne Hannah. The comic is non profit and has been translated into several languages.

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Star Wars Fan Club Saarland - The Saarlaccs is a German Star Wars Fan Club founded in 2016. The club is a group of friends and family dedicated and devoted to Star War and charity. They organize monthly meetings and travel together to Star Wars conventions in Germany. They also support the charity project Mission Orange
The Saarlaccs is an unofficial fan club, but they have permission from and are authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd. 

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 Sascha Jungmann - Chief of the Star Wars Fan Club Saarland
"Anton van Dort desighed our logo, for which we are very greatful. He also created the Christmas version of our logo. He is our main artist and he is one of the best you can wish for.
We are proud to have such a talented artist as an honored member in our club. "