Vancouver Rapid Chess League

The Vancouver Rapid Chess League 
(formerly known as "Vancouver Rapid Chess Team Championship") 
takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2012. 

Vancouver Rapid Chess League – an annual chess team tournament. It has two stages: regular season September to March and the playoff finals after that. 

Every match is played on 3 boards in 3 rounds with a rapid time control. All matches are played under the Scheveningen system - each player on one team plays each player on the other team.

New location on the Vancouver Chess School:

Vancouver Rapid Chess League venue

Vancouver Chess School
2012 - 2013 winner

BC Juniors
BC Juniors
2013 - 2014 winner

BC Juniors - winners of the season 2014-15
BC Juniors
2014 - 2015 winner

Chigorin Chess Club
2015 - 2016 winner
Chigorin Chess Club
2016 - 2017 winner

2017 - 2018 winner