Vancouver Rapid Chess League

The Vancouver Rapid Chess League 
(formerly known as "Vancouver Rapid Chess Team Championship") 
takes place in Vancouver, British Columbia since 2012. 

Vancouver Rapid Chess League – an annual chess team tournament. It has two stages: regular season September to March and the playoff finals after that. 

Every match is played on 3 boards in 3 rounds with rapid time control. All matches are played under the Scheveningen system - each player on one team plays each player on the other team.

The regular season 2020 - 2021 will be played online. 

The playoffs will be played over the board in May 2021.

The highlights of the season 2020-2021:

Name of the tournament: Vancouver Rapid (online)


Time control: 10 minutes +1 second

Regular season: 6 rounds on the different days of the week. 

December 2020 – May 2021

A number of teams: Unlimited

Number boards: Top 3

Maximum number of players per team: 10

Residential restrictions: Anybody who can participate in the playoffs in Vancouver. 

The playoff: over the boards on Sunday, May 30, 2021, at 1 pm at UBC.

Number teams in playoffs: 4

Entry fee: free (by donation)

The schedule for the season:

1st round: December 15, 2020, Tuesday
2nd round: January 13, 2021, Wednesday
3rd round: February 11, 2021, Thursday
4th round: March 12, 2021, Friday
5th round: April 10, 2021, Saturday
6th round: May 9, 2021, Sunday

An official announcement of the participants of playoffs: May 16, 2021
The playoffs: May 30, 2021 (UBC)

All tournament of the regular season will be played online at 7:30 – 9:30 pm for 2 hours Team Battle Arena. 
The tournaments open for the local teams only.

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