We owe a lot to the sacrifices made by Sreedevi Amma, Bhaskara Achan, Kutta Achan and Valsala Amma. Without their love and affection we could not have reached where we are today.

We are from Palghat, Kerala, India. We grew up together in a joint family system.

The eldest Prof. (Dr.) Prahlad Vadakkepat View Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat's profile on LinkedIn has a doctorate in Engineering. He is a versatile man with wide interests, from "Chenda melam" to Robotic Soccer. He is an Associate Professor at the National University of Singapore and is the General Secretary to the Federation of International Robosoccer Association. He is one of the associate editors to the Int. Journal of Humanoid Robotics. His robots have won several prizes at various international robot competitions. He was elected as the Secretary to the IEEE Singapore Section (2005).

Vijay, Manoj, Prahlad, Susy, Hari, Vinay, Sandeep, Babu

Vijay (earlier Lecturer, Economics and now Office Manager, Aryanet Trust), Manu (Computer Sales) and Hari (Lecturer, Computer Science) are settled back home.

 Babu is in Madras with an MNC. Vinu (Computer Professional) is at Belgaum. Suseel is with Softura, Madras and Sandy was with Robhatah Bangalore and now working wit AIT Palakkad.

We are the descendents of late Kunchu Gupta. Ramakrishna Achan left us in 1970 and Parvathi Amma (w/o Bhaskara Achan) in 1977. Kunchu Muthassan (grand dad) left us in 1980 and Ammachu Muthassi (granny) in 1990. Bhaskara Achan left us on 18 August 2008. 

Bhaskara achan, Krishnankutty achan

Bhaskara achan has four sons (Prahlad, Vijay, Hari, Babu). Krishnankutty (Kutta) achan also has four sons (Manoj, Vinayan, Suseeel, Sandeep).

Sreedevi amma 

Sreedevi amma (w/o of late Ramakrishna valiyachan) took care of us along with Valsala amma (w/o Kutta Achan).