The Benefits of Graduate Education

Check out this 2021 report about the impact of graduate education and research in Virginia!

Traditionally, the focus in Virginia higher education has been on undergraduate education. However, graduate education has long been—and is rapidly becoming even more of—an integral part of the overall mission of almost all of Virginia’s colleges and universities. 

The Commonwealth’s programs of graduate education are central to realizing Virginia’s vision of becoming a first-tier state in the U.S. technology arena, as well as central to Virginia’s goal of securing a worldwide place of leadership in the information age (Graduate Education in Virginia, VCGS, 1999). Consider the following:

Did you Know?

Virginia graduate students serve in a variety of capacities throughout the Commonwealth, the United States, and the world. Their research is transforming lives and their talent is serving the public in countless ways. For example, did you know that a Virginia graduate student:


The Future of Virginia

Economic Benefits of a Skilled Workforce

Addressing Virginia’s Challenges

Graduate and professional education is essential to solving Virginia’s most pressing economic and social problems:

Why is investment in graduate education a good choice for Virginians?