Welcome to my website.

My name is Gary Uzonyi, and I earned my PhD from the University of Michigan’s Department of Political Science.  Currently, I am an Assistant Professor in the University of Massachusetts- Lowell Department of Political Science. My main research interests are third party interventions (military and financial), conflict (interstate and intrastate), humanitarianism, and human rights. 

Curriculum Vitae

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me: gary_uzonyi@uml.edu

Third Parties

Liberal Mandates and UN Peacekeeping
(Under Review)

Why is Conflict Mediation Rare? (with Paul Poast)- (Under Review)

Domestic Institutions and Credible Signals (with Mark Souva and Sona Golder)
International Studies Quarterly 56(4): 765-776 (2012)    Replication Materials

Post-Conflict Mass Killing (R&R at II)

Revolution, Secession, and the Importance of Federal Design (with Srinivas Parinandi and Matthew Wells) -(Under Review)

War is K-adic (with Paul Poast)- (Under Review) 

Human Rights

“Genocide, Politicide, and Post-Conflict Justice (with Nam Kyu Kim)
Conflict Management and Peace Science (Forthcoming)   Replication Materials