levi’s utsuntähti





1.1 Location

1.2 Driving instructions


2.1 General

2.2 Sleeping places

2.3 Creature comforts

2.4 Extra Equipment

2.5 Other

2.6 Prices


3.1 Reservation and payment

3.2 Terms of cancelling reservation( Client)

3.3 Terms of cancelling reservation (lessor)

3.4 key

3.5 Staying at apartment

3.6 Damages

3.7 Number of persons

3.8 Complaints


4.1 Lessor

4.2 Forwarding agent and the key holder

1.1 Location

Utsuvaara in Levi, address Utsunlenkki 10, near by ski slope 7B Sammu and 7 Utsunrinne. Distances: Levi centrum 8 km, airport 14 km, cross country skiing track 150 m and to ski slope 200 m.

1.2 Driving instructions


From Levi centrum, drive towards Hullu Poro Hotel and restaurant. (which are located in Rakkavaarantie). Drive to the end of Rakkavaarantie (apx 4,7 km) and turn right. Drive 2,1 km and turn right. Drive up to hill about 1000 m and then turn left ont he third road. Now you are in Utsunlenkki, drive 200 meter and the semi-detached house is on right

From Kittilä to the north 13 km (road n:o 79). After Levi’s gate bridge drive 500 m and turn right, Drive about 4.7 km and turn left. Drive up to hill about 1000 m and then turn left on the third road. Now you are in Utsunlenkki, drive 200 meter and the semi-datached house is on right side

1 Basic information

1.1 General

Name: Levi’s Utsuntähti (Company: Koy Levin Utsuvaara)

Capacity: 8-10 persons

Built: Year 2006

Surface area: 80 m² ( total 111 m² )

Apartment with living room (fireplace), kitchen, 2 bedrooms + open space in upstairs, 2 toilets, bathroom and sauna.

1.2 Sleeping places

IN downstairs place for two (one bedroom),and at the basement other bedroom with place for two. There is open space in upstairs and contains sleeping places for 6 persons. If more than 10 people are staying the place, the landlord and forwarding agent have to be informed first.

1.3 Creature comforts

Heating system at the floor, warm and cold water, two toilets, sauna for 6 persons and bathroom with two showers. In the kitchen is coffee maker, kettle, toaster, microwave oven, cooker with convection oven and dinner service (tableware) for 12 persons.

1.4 Extra equipment

There are two televiosions. One is situated in living room and the other in bedroom at the basement. At the basement is DVD/VHS-video and in living room digital TV and CD/home theatre system. Music can be heard in the sauna, bathroom and living room. There are no films and DVDs. There are also bed for a baby, highchair for children, dishwasher, washing machine, drum dryer, cabinet dryer and electric plug for warming car.

1.5 Other




1.6 Season prices

A High seasons (weeks 8-16, 52-1)

  • 23.12.2017 - 14.1.2018

  • 17.2. - 21.4.2018

Week 1300 – 1500,-

One night 200,-

B Normal seasons (weeks 2-7, 17-18, 35-38, 45-51)

  • 14.1. - 17.2.2018

  • 21.4. - 5.5.2018

  • 25.8. - 22.9.2018

  • 3.11. - 22.12.2018

Week 550,-

One night 90,-

C Low price seasons (weeks 19-34, 39-44)

  • 5.5. - 25.8.2018

  • 22.9. - 3.11.2018

Week 400,-

One night 70,-

In the high season the apartment will be rented mainly for weeks only. Day of removal is Saturday. On other seasons minimum time for rental is 3 days. Inquiries for shorter rental time can always be asked.


Both parts of the agreement (lessor and client) have to follow common terms of reservations and accommondation. Terms are valid when reservation has been done.

2.1 Reservation and payment

When client has made reservation, the lessor will send confirmation, driving instructions and name of key holder. Reservation is valid when client has paid prepayment (30 % of the total price). Lessor can cancel reservation if prepayment has not been paid by maturity date. If the reservation is made 5 weeks before staying the whole reservation costs must be paid by maturity date.

2.2 Terms of cancelling reservation (client)

Cancellation of reservation must be done with a written letter to the lessor.

  • If the cancellation is done at least 28 days before the staying period should start the lessor will return whole rental payment diminished with office costs 15,00 € and cancellation costs 30,00 €.

  • If the cancellation is done closer than 28 days before staying period should start whole rental payment will be charged.

Cancellation is done when lessor gets information of it. If the lessor have not reveived any information, but client can prove that cancellation is done and sent to right address, the cancellation is valid. If reservation is cancelled due to client’s or client’s near relation illness accident or death, the rental payment will be returned diminished withminus 30 % prepayment and cancellation costs 45,00 €. Cancellation has to be done without delay. Doctor’s certificate or other authentic clarification has to be sent to the lessor within 14 days of cancellation. Cancellation must be done before rental period. It is considered as cancellation and a new reservation, when client wants to change the rental period.

2.3 Terms of cancelling reservation (lessor)

The lessor can cancel the reservation due to Force majeure. On that case whole rental payment will be returned to the client. If the prepayment or the whole rental payment are unpaid in the maturity date, the lessor can cancel the reservation.

2.4 Key

The key will be received from the lessor or from forwarding agent. (contact details are attached to the end of this document)

2.5 Staying at apartment

Apartment is available from 16.00 at the date of arrival and to 12.00 at the date of departure. For rent includes normal kitchen ware and electricity. Client has to bring bed sheets and towels. Bed sheets and towels can also be rented. Client has to clean up the apartment after rental period. Cleaning can be also done by forwarding agent if agreed in advancet. Cleaning costs are paid by client (i.e 160 €). If cleaning has not been done properly at the end of rental period and not agreed to be done, the lessor or forwarding agent will take price for cleaning (i.e 200 €).

2.6 Damages

Client is committed to pay all damages made by him/her to the lessor. The lessor will do equipment inventories.

2.7 Number of the persons

The maximum capacity for apartment is 10 persons. There will be extra charge for Mobile home or camping trailer. If more than 10 people is staying the place, the lessor and forwarding agent have to be informed first.

2.8 Complaints

All complaints concerning the apartment or it’s equipment has to be forwarded to the forwarding agent without delay. The forwarding agent is Vappu tel.0400-909887. Complaints which have been done afterwards are not acceptable and won’t allowe any compensation to the rental costs.

3 Contact details

3.1 Lessor

Terhi Eronen +358405903435 (English)

Apartment A Apartment B

Jyrki Pohjankylä / 050-4382275 Mika Eronen / 040-5916705

Elsanraitti 8 Etumartinkatu 25


jyrki.pohjankyla(at)luukku.com mika.eronen(at)pp1.inet.fi

3.2 Forwarding agent and key holder