USE Tracker

USE Tracker is an open source software designed to help recording and analyzing movies of scientific experiments.

Designed to be friendly and effective, it comes with a graphical interface so that you can directly see the effect of image manipulations.

It can perform live image analysis to detect, recognize and track animals or other objects. It can also record high quality movies from different types of cameras.

Several plugins are available to do image processing: the list includes segmentation, erosion, dilation, blob detection, tracking, AR markers detection.

If this is not enough, USE Tracker can be extended with new plugins thanks to a modular architecture.



A new virtual machine based on Lubuntu. Faster and lighter. Video decoding is improved and more reliable.


Several new features

- camera calibration

- option to stitch two live USB cameras or video files


A fully preinstalled VirtualBox image is available (see download section). It can be used in Windows, MacOS X, and Linux and allows you to immediately use the software.