Frequently Asked Questions


Should I use the urgent care instead of my family doctor?

The urgent care center is a great option if you have an urgent medical condition that you feel needs immediate attention at that time. If your family doctor is neither available nor equipped to handle the situation, urgent care might be a suitable alternative.

How does urgent care differ from the emergency room?

Emergency rooms are staffed 24 hours a day and are designed to treat patients suffering from life threatening injuries or serious illnesses. In contrast, urgent care centers are designed to treat non-life threatening injuries (lacerations, mild fractures, etc.) and illnesses (ear aches, influenza, rashes, etc.)

Will my medical insurance be accepted?

Yes, the Urgent Care of Wauseon is contracted with a variety of insurance companies. Often, co-pays are higher than that of a family physicians office due to the accessibility; however, urgent care centers generally have lower co-pays than that of an emergency room.


When will I receive a bill from the urgent care?

Your billing information will be submitted to your insurance carrier. Either you or Urgent Care of Wauseon should receive an Explanation Of Benefits form detailing what was paid, denied, and/or due from you. The approximate wait time for Explanation Of Benefits (according to insurance carriers) is within thirty days.

I have paid my co-pay, why am I receiving a bill stating that I owe the remaining balance?

The most frequent reasons for this to occur are either your insurance carrier states that you still owe your yearly deductible or your carrier has requested and not received additional information from you. If this happens, the bill becomes your responsibility. We recommend you contact your carrier to discuss the processing of your claim.

How do I make payment arrangements if my insurance does not pay?

To make payment arrangements, please contact the billing department. Contact numbers can be found on the statement you received.