UPCEL 2020

English Linguistics and Diversity Awareness

29-30 January 2020

Welcome to the 3rd International UCM Predoctoral Conference on English Linguistics (UPCEL) which will be held on January 29 and 30, 2020 at the Facultad de Filología, Universidad Complutense de Madrid. This conference is organised by the PhD Programme in English Linguistics of UCM, which has consistently maintained an Excellence Distinction by the Spanish Ministry of Education since 2004.

This conference intends to involve people from different fields who wish to share a common purpose and create an interdisciplinary space of solidarity and community; its objective is not only to show the crucial role of language in society, but also to be a meeting point where people working in diverse areas can collaborate.

Therefore, this year’s edition, with the title "English Linguistics and Diversity Awareness" will serve as a forum for sharing and discussing topics related to English linguistics, especially (although not exclusively) welcoming contributions addressing diversity awareness and how linguistics contributes to it.

Find us on the Sociolinguistic Events Calendar: https://baal.org.uk/resources/slxevents/

Confirmed plenary speakers

  • Dr. Justyna Robinson (University of Sussex)
  • Dr. Edurne Goñi Alsúa (UNIR)
  • Dr. Rubén Chacón (UNED)


The main objectives of the conference are:

a) To organise a discussion forum around academic issues In the field of English Linguistics. Thus, this conference will welcome proposals with a THEORETICAL, METHODOLOGICAL and/or COMPARATIVE motivation, especially those linked with research that is being carried out from a plethora of linguistic disciplines such as Critical Discourse Analysis, Language teaching, Translation, Language and History, Language variation, Sociolinguistics, Language and Identity, Language policies, Pragmatics, Language typology, Language and Literature, Language and Gender, Language and minority groups, Psycholinguistics, Linguistic Anthropology, Language, culture and cognition, Sign language, Language and Arts, Politics, Exact Sciences, Advertising, Language and Social Networks, Global languages, etc.

b) Nevertheless, another important objective is to make sure this conference becomes a platform for cross-sector cooperation, solidarity and participation. Our PhD programme not only focuses on RESEARCH in ENGLISH LANGUAGE AND DIVERSITY AWARENESS but it also aims at becoming an ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTION to our society. Therefore, this conference is set to be not only a discussion forum, but also an event, a social activity which encourages the participation and contribution of people who have scarcely been given the spotlight at such events. Giving the floor to these collectives will foster our basic principles and contribute to strengthening social fabric.

Bearing in mind the objectives described above, we will make English Linguistics an interdisciplinary meeting point for at least three days. To do so, it will be indispensable to keep an open mind and count on the collaboration of everyone involved.