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  • The Biology Undergraduate & Graduate Society (BUGS) is a society bringing together all students interested in Biology. Our lounge is in LB 153 and all BUGS members are welcome to come on in and relax, study, or socialize. Membership is only $2, and anyone is welcome to join. Please like us on Facebook!

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  • Access to exclusive scholarships
  • Participate in our exciting social events like our BBQ, pub crawl, and beer and pizza nights
  • Exclusive access to the BUGS lounge
  • Connect and network with fellow biology undergraduate and graduate students
  • Stay informed about relevant issues and opportunities within the biology department
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BUGS is now accepting Undergraduate & Graduate Scholarship Applications:
The Terry Ross awards for Undergraduates and Graduate each hold a value of $500, and are available to full time students (minimum 9 credit hours). Check out the BUGS SCHOLARSHIPS tab above to find out how to apply. Application deadline is February 28/2017.

Take Classes at the Bamfield Marine Sciences Centre this Summer:
If you’re looking for some university classes that allow you to be active and in nature along with an opportunity to prepare yourself for grad school, consider Bamfield Marine Sciences Center (BMSC), the "Oceanside Campus.” 
At BMSC, students work hard but also have an opportunity to make long term friends, and network with professors, grad students, and peers, while also having a good time. Check out the BMSC website and video for more details:


Departmental News

Biology Seminars Winter 2017

Fridays at 2:30pm in CL 130

Friday, 3/2017: Biology Departmental Seminar - Dr. Mark Brigham from the University of Regina will be discussing "heterothermy: convergence between furry birds and feathered bats."