Here you can find terms that should help you in understanding the information!
AMA: Amarillo, TX paint location
AVOD: Audio Video on Demand
AVOD/OVER: Audio Video on Demand in United First and United Business First and overhead television monitors available in Economy
AVOD/PER: Audio Video on Demand in United First and United Business First and personal entertainment available in Economy

BF (in configuration): Number of United BusinessFirst Seats
BLUE UA: In old United Livery

C Check
: A major maintenance check that occurs every few years
COEX: Aircraft has Continental Express Name
CO RETRO: Aircraft has Continental 75 Years Blue Sky Livery
CWF: Lake Charles , LA , paint location

DTV: Direct TV which is over 90 channels of live television and movies

E+ (in configuration): Number of Economy Plus Seats
Economy Plus: Seats that have extra legroom that is available on certain United Airlines Aircraft
EcoSkies: United Airlines Boeing 737-800 #3516 Eco-Skies Environmental Program livery
EM POWER: Requires an adapter that can be purchased through Duty Free
ETOPS: Allows twin engined aircraft to fly long distance routes over water
Exited: Left maintenance base and is not back in service

F (in configuration): Number of United First Seats (or Global First on Wide Body Aircraft)
FB (on certain widebody Aircraft): Flat Bed Seats

GLOBE: In New United Livery

HKG: Hong Kong International Airport in China which  takes care of widebody maintenance

IFE: In Flight Entertainment (Type of TV on board)
INT: Winston Salem maintenance base for 737NG maintenance and upgrades
INT/NON-IPTE: Old United Airlines Boeing 777-200 configuration
IPTE:New United Airlines Boeing 777-200 with AVOD and Lie Flat Seats in BusinessFirst
ISP: In-Seat Power

LAX: Los Angeles International Airport in California which has a United Airlines maintenance base
LCQ: Lake City FL maintenance base for Airbus maintenance and upgrades
LIE FLAT: Seats in BusinessFirst and UnitedFirst that lower to 180 degree for sleeping 

MCN: Macon GA Maintenance base for most aircraft types, mostly maintenance, some upgrades
MCO: Orlando International Airport in Florida which has a United Airlines maintenance base
MIA: Miami FL Maintenance base for most aircraft types, mostly maintenance, some upgrades
NEW OB: New Overhead Bins for Airbus 319 and 320 aircraft

OVERHEAD: Overhead television Monitors that feature a movie or sitcom
OW (Under ETOPS Column): Not ETOPS Certified, but is equipped to fly over water

Personal: Personal TV Screen that has about 8-9 channels or prerecorded tv shows and movies
PMCO: Pre Merger Continental Aircraft (came from Continental side of merger)
PMUA: Pre Merger United Airlines Aircraft (came from United side of merger)

REG: Registration (The tail number of an aircraft)
ERTS: Estimated Return to Service 

Sked: Scheduled
Scimitar winglets: Being installed on 737NG aircraft 
Slimlines: New, lighter seats with comparable legroom at shorter pitch between seats rows
STAR: Star Alliance Livery

UA GREY: Old United livery of Battleship Grey
UA RETRO: Retro United Airlines

WiFi: Wireless Internet

XMN: Xiamen China Maintenance base for most wide bodied aircraft types, mostly maintenance, some upgrades


Y (in configuration): Number of United Economy Seats

110 V Power: Does not require an adapter for US Plugs
777 Domestic: United Airlines Boeing 777-200 domestic configuration