Universal Science of Complexity


Efficient Theory of Everything

Despite the persisting assertions of its absence, the universal and rigorous concept of any real system complexity elaborated two decades ago [1] confirms its efficiency by the ultimately wide range of applications [2,25,30,31,33,34], providing a working version of the genuine theory of everything:

(1) Causally complete and unified fundamental physics without persisting mysteries, ad hoc postulates, senseless abstraction, glaring gaps, dark matters, and hidden dimensions [1,10a-10b,11a-11b,11c,12,13,14,15,17,18,20,25,29,30,33,34]

(2) Irreducibly complex, chaotic dynamics of real nanosystems of natural and artificial origin (e.g. nano-devices, quantum devices, bio-chemical interaction networks, genome interaction dynamics) [5,12,24,31,33]

(3) Creative, complex-dynamical genomics [6,22]

(4) Consistent, complex-dynamical solution of biological problems of evolution (qualitatively new form emergence) and essential life properties (intrinsic adaptability, élan vital, teleology, etc.); transition to integral medicine (causal understanding and control of unreduced organism dynamics) [7,22]

(5) Dynamically emerging intelligence and consciousness as well-specified levels of unreduced dynamic complexity; applications to natural and artificial intelligence and consciousness [4,32]

(6) Complex dynamics of intelligent ICT/AI structures network interacting with intelligent users and complex real-world dynamics [3,23]

(7) Causally complete analysis of real, man-made ecological systems of any scale; genuine sustainability concept and realisation [8,19,25,27,31]

(8) Unified complex-dynamical concept of socio-economic system development; genuine sustainability transition and reason-based society [8,19,25,26,27,31,32,33, 34]

(9) Science as a complex system: complexity revolution and transition to the new, provably efficient science organisation, content and social role [9,9a,28,34] .

The essential progress thus obtained is based on a qualitative extension of usual perturbative or “exact”, artificially simplified, dynamically single-valued and therefore always incomplete “models” to the intrinsically complete, dynamically multivalued solution of unreduced many-body interaction problem describing real-system dynamics [1,17,25,30,31,33,34].

This ultimately complete and realistic mathematical framework, the new mathematics of complexity, describes the world as unified, emergent and evolving diversity of dynamically probabilistic fractal, which contains all real structures and obeys the unique law of universal symmetry (or conservation and transformation) of complexity as the unified causally complete extension of all (correct) laws, equations, and “principles” [1,2,15,16,21,22,25,30,31,33].

The obtained provably universal concept of complexity provides thus the new, causally complete science basis describing the real, unified and emergent world structure and dynamics in its full creativity and ... complexity.