For historical reasons, we have certain classes that are duplicated in ICU, CLDR, and/or Unicode tools (perhaps with changes that need merging!). Or we have classes that are in ICU (for example), that are only needed in CLDR.

Over time, we want to straighten that out. The goal is to move classes down the following list where not needed higher up.
  • ICU
  • ICU /unittest
  • CLDR
  • CLDR /unittest
  • unicodetools 
  • unicodetools /unittest
  • UnicodeJsps
  • UnicodeJspsTests
The UnicodeJsps are actually at the same level as unicodetools, and need to be self-contained, only depending on ICU and CLDR (and its needed libraries: guava, etc.)

The easiest way to do this is with Eclipse's refactoring tools.
  1. Make sure all the above are sync'ed to trunk.
  2. Change the build paths so that they use your local projects. (You'll restore this afterwards, so be careful not to check in the changed classpath in the meantime.)
    1. See "Refactor ICU4J+CLDR+Unicode Tools" on
Finding code and refactor. [Details and tips TBD]

Finishing up
  1. Sync to trunk.
  2. Run all the tests, and make sure they pass.
  3. Build the icu jars and add to 
    1. cldr/tools/java/libs/
    2. UnicodeJsps/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/
  4. Build cldr.jar and add to 
    1. UnicodeJsps/WebContent/WEB-INF/lib/
  5. Change the build paths back.
  6. Run all cldr, UnicodeJspTest, and unicodetools tests and make sure they pass.
  7. Check everything in.