Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clinical Christian Pastoral Counseling?

Christian Pastoral Counseling is counseling with a Biblical conviction. The clinical aspect of counseling is based on the fact that problems can stem from chemical and physical disruptions. Counselees are asked to fill out an Intake Form and to take a simple Temperament Analysis Profile test. The information on the Intake form includes personal, family and medical history. The Profile is a clinical test, which takes about 8-10 minutes, developed by the National Christian Counselor Association that provides important information about your inborn natural temperament. The information obtained through this test will help eliminate months of counseling because it gives insight into your basic traits.

What is a Temperament Analysis Profile test?

Temperament Analysis Profile test, also known as the Arno Profile System (APS), is a simple questionnaire designed to help you better understand yourself and those around you. The profile has been divided into three categories: Inclusion, Control, and Affection. The categories are divided into two more areas, expressed and wanting. Expressed has to do with the way you express yourself in a particular category. Wanting deals with what you want from others in a particular category. Most people are a combination of temperaments and some have a blend of two temperaments within a given area.

Are my sessions confidential?

You have a right to confidentiality. What you and your counselor discuss will be held in the strictest confidence allowed by law in the state of Florida. There are a few situations where laws and the courts can require disclosure. This usually is to protect someone in danger, like a child, an elderly person, or yourself or the nation. Insurance companies may require release of some information in order to reimburse you for your counseling. The only time outside of the situations mentioned above where disclosure is possible will be with the counselees written permission.

Does Under The Palms take insurance?

No. I choose not to take insurance in order to maintain my non-profit (Ministry) status. A receipt is available for each session to submit to your insurance company.

Can I receive long distance counseling?

Absolutely! You can receive counseling over the phone by contacting “Under The Palms Ministry” at 813-435-1469. You will need access to a fax machine and/or have an email account. We also require that you give your payment for each 50-minute session via a credit card (Master Card or Visa). These appointments are always pre-arranged.