Apple Shooter 2

Play another and best Apple Shooter game version Apple Shooter 2 unblocked

Many are familiar with the tale of William Tell. He was an excellent archer in the 1300's. He was sentenced to shooting an apple off his son's head for disrespecting the authority. Luckily, he pulled it off but was still imprisoned. Archery is an expensive sport today, and nobody would let anyone shoot an apple off his head practically.

Well, iGames Entertainment make archery fun with no risk of murder. They are the developers of the flash game Apple Shooter. The game originally was written by James Wray. The game was such a hit they improved it and released the second version Apple Shooter 2, which has more themes and a new character.

Apple Shooter 2 an online archery game, which is an excellent way to spend leisure time. The setting of the game is in the medieval era. In the game, the player's character is a renowned archer; the best one in his locality. The challenge in the game is to shoot an apple positioned on their assistant's head using. He shoots the arrow from his bow and the goal of the game is precision. The fun thing about Apple Shooter 2 is that the assistant also serves as an opponent. The player may choose to strike him instead of the apple.

The player points his arrow at the target and shoots. The game improves the players' judgement. He has to calculate the right angle to shoot the arrow and the strength of his shot. The first levels are easy for the player to strike the target but as the game advances its harder. The distance between the player and the assistant is increased, and the target become smaller. Missing the target derails the archer's career, that is if the player loses he has to start the game all over again; from the first level. It definitely is a game worth trying out.